The scourge of SOHDD

carmen_grower_2007June 9, 2008

I realize I have a dry sense of humor but most intelligent people can detect satire, can't they? When I am looking for a recipe for chicken treats for my dog and I say, "I'm only using chickens because I don't have any dead cats currently" do you get angry or do you realize I am just having fun?

"Sense of Humor Deficit Disorder" seems to be rampant on the "Pet Forum". The whole PC mentality has created a whole generation of people who are just plain dull and boring.

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Allowing your animals to be eaten by coyotes as part of the circle of life isn't particularly funny. I did think the sarcastic bit - maybe garlic will ward off the coyotes and keep them away from your animals - was funny though

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Wow, sometimes I really miss Spike!!

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Is that diagnosis in the DSM-IV?

If you are on a pet forum, don't expect much laughter when you make stupid jokes about feeding your cats to the coyotes. Just because we don't laugh at your backwards sarcasm doesn't make us dull and boring....maybe your sense of humor is dull and boring.

If you have a problem with PC mentality, try your sarcastic humour on your "real" friends. Meanwhile, while on this forum, I think I'll be focusing on pet health, stories about our beloved pets, and debates that are actually about PETS.

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Sometimes Its really hard to detect satire in black and white.

And sometimes what some people consider funny, other people consider just bad taste.

When typing on the forums it helps to use the winking smilie...

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Joepyeweed it right. It can be very hard to know if someone is joking or not online especially if you are new to the forum or haven't read many posts by the poster to "know" them.

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