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beamerhog18June 7, 2014

Hi. I have a 13 month old dog named Jenny. Two weeks ago Jenny was wetting the bed at night so I took her to the vet and we thought it was just a urinary tract infection... but after a battery of tests with no positive results the diagnosis we are left with is congenital renal dysplasia. She isn't wetting the bed anymore and she hasn't shown any outward signs of feeling bad, that's why it took so long to diagnose her. I'm engaged and my fiance and i were planning to get Jenny a companion when we got married. But with her shortened life I'm wondering if i should get her a friend now, because I'm still in school and my fiance works full time. And I don't want her to be lonely. Jenny loves other dogs, I just don't want to put any undue stress on her, but I want to give her the life she deserves, even if it is short. Please, any advice on what we should do would help. She could have some good months left or she could live to maybe see 3 y/o. Thanks

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I would wait with another dog. Give Jenny all your time and attention now.

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Here is the reality, you have an older dog, this in itself can be an issue, some older dogs don't want to deal with new pack members, they don't feel good and can get aggressive, the opposite is also true, younger dogs can be aggressive towards older sicker dogs, so you kind of are dealing with a crap shoot here. I would ask myself some hard questions, is the dog for us or my dog, does my dog get along with others? Are you willing to foster to figure that out? Are you willing to take the new dog back? Are you prepared for a dog fight? How much time do you have to be with the dogs to help supervise the integration? Do you work full time? Part time? How young of a dog? How old can the new dog be? What about training? It is a lot to consider

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I agree with mazer, we brought a young dog into the mix with our older dying dog and all the young dog did was mess with the older one and make her angry, sometimes she seemed like she was having fun but most of the time seemed bothered.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chandler Gilbert Animal hospital

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