navy blue trim

andrelaplume2September 23, 2010

When I moved into our home 3 years ago I needed to paint some trim in my son's room dark blue. It was late and walmart was open and I used some cheap Dutch Boy stuff. I just remember it took 4 coats of this blue semi gloss stuff to cover the white trim around 2 windows...and I always thought a 5th coat would look better.

Fasforward a few years and I am putting up preprimed (white) molding in the basement and we want it to be navy blue. Does dark blue over a light color usually take more than 2 coats? I was thinking of 1) buying a better brand navy blue paint (in satin) and 2) using my left over paint as initial coat to darken up the molding first with the hopes of wasting less of the better paint and hopefully only needing to apply 2 coats of the better paint...why waste the old paint and perhaps the new paint will cover in less coats over a darker color...thoughts....

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I did my bathroom is a very dark blue. I used a tinted primer (4oz of black in a gallon) and two coats was almost perfect. That's w/a roller, obviously. Brush would be much less satisfactory. The paint was eggshell, BTW.
With semigloss, I would recommend "doubling up", putting on a second coat while the first coat is still sticky; it eliminates the general feeling that you are trying to paint glass. The paint does need to be set up for the double coat, and the first coat has to be put on not too thick. In general, I'd say to give the first coat 4-5 hours before the doubling coat. This trick can only be pulled once, however; the next coats, if needed, will have to go over a thoroughly dry surface, or you greatly increase the risk of blistering/pulling. And there's some risk involved anyway, if your prep/priming was lacking. The primer must be hard dry.

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