tricky rat cannot trap help!!

Bamamamma88June 1, 2013

So to say i have a SMART RAT in my midst is the understatment of the year. We have had a few rats that we trapped in a giant Victor rat trap but there is this ONE genius who seems to evade death every night. It has been almost a month and we continue to see it and hear it just before it scurries away. Peanut butter doesnt work and this rat is HUGE. It has carried off two huge chicken breasts, a big cookie, a whole sleeve of ritz crackers and chewed through a dozen bags of bread. The thing has gotten so brave as to do all these things while we are in THE DEN RIGHT NEXT TO THE KITCHEN. Enough is enough. I need HELP!! Im thinking about getting a BB gun and camping out on the kitchen counter one night. Unless anyone has any ideas... thank you!!

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I hate rats, someone is going to ream me for this, have you thought of putting some poison in chicken? You'd just have to be very careful if you have kids or pets !!! Just a thought...

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