painting inside window jambs/sill?

susanwritesSeptember 17, 2010

I don't know if I have the terminology right or not but hopefully you can figure out what I mean. We have a single window in the bathroom. The window is framed with molding and woodblocks which has been painted the same color as the crown molding. The window sill is painted the same color as the crown.

But what do you do on the inside wall of the window? Those little strips as tall as the window and about 3-4" deep? The painter put up a first coat of the wall color in there but it just looks like stripes to me. He said it would make the molding stand out, which it does, but it also just looks like stripes with nothing connected to it. I'm thinking about having it all done in white.

Which is the norm?

Disclosure - I have a hard time with change so all these new things with the painting and house stuff take me some getting used to. :)

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We paint that part the same color as the molding, sills, mullions, and other trimwork. The stripes would drive me crazy! We do not paint the area where our double-hung windows slide (can't think of the term for that part) and there was a warning on our windows not to paint there. Everything else is the same color as I said.

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I missed this, cyn. SO sorry. thank you! I thought I was crazy. I went ahead and had them all painted the same and I'm very happy.

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