Vote: where do I put micro? Ordering cabinets tomorrow!

rebeccamomof123February 5, 2013

I have to order my cabinets tomorrow in order to keep the project on track and I'm in a decision-making coma.

I've been back and forth with this decision a dozen times. Cabinets will be classic shaker KraftMaid in dove white. Oak wood floors, Kashmir white granite (haven't picked the slab yet) and white subway backspash. After much deliberation, I'm going with a stainless undermount sink instead of apron and I'm down to the final decision of microwave placement.

I love the look of the wood covered vent hood over the stove (KitchenAid dual fuel double oven). But, in order to do that my mirowave would need to go on a shelf in my peninsula, giving up valuable real-estate where a big drawer could go otherwise. On the flip side, I could get the over-the-stove micro-with hood/vent built in (still cheaper than the wood hood) but then I read some people complain that it's too high, hard to clean up there ,etc. The pic shows how it would look with the wood vent cover.

What do I do??? I have about 14 hours before my appointment to finalize and order the cabinets. My stomach is already in knots.

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You have kids, right? Are you going to want them reaching over your dual fuel stove to heat things up? Even if they're little now, they will grow quickly. : ) How about when you are busy preparing a meal--do you want someone getting in the stove area to use the MW? I think the undercounter option is more family friendly.

Is there a nearby spot where some less used kitchen items can go? (trying to remember your space--are there storage benches nearby...?) Would a countertop model fit somewhere rather than building it in if storage space is at a premium?

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Yep - kids. 3 of em' actually. And they all get in my way no matter WHERE i stand ;) My youngeset is three so he might push buttons for a few months before we "train" him not to touch it. The other kids are 7 & 9 - old enough to pop their own popcorn and heat their own mac & cheese.

Good memory - yes, there will be storage drawers below a window seat behind the penninsula. Attached is that pic - (except I'm no longer adding the wine glass hangers.)

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I hear you! I've tripped over my kids in the kitchen more times than I can count. I'm hoping that when we got island seating it'll help some.

If I were you, I'd be much more comfortable having them popping their corn and heating their mac n cheese at the peninsula. Kids reaching above potential open flames-shudder. Or bumping a gas knob so that it's leaking but not lit, no. (Maybe the new stoves don't do that?)

It looks like you'll have quite a lot of storage around that window. Nice! I'm not sure, but I think you'll be surprised how much will fit in the bench.

If it helps any, some of the MWs have child-lock out features that you could use until you get him trained. The training period is short in comparison to the amount of time you'll have your kitchen set up the way you want. I've been exhaustingly MW shopping and the child lock feature is one thing that shows up a fair amount. I understand the coma feeling. [Does child lock work when the MW is running? I don't know the answer to this.]

FWIW, I think I'm going for an LG 2.0 cu. ft. since it will spin a 9 x13 pan. Let's hope it lasts a while. We're just doing an open hole under the counter with a drawer beneath so that we can swap any ole MW in there when it decides to die.

Best wishes! : )

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Okay laughable - thanks! I'm going with the under counter which is what my gut instinct was telling me too. I can't wait to share pics with everyone once we get started!

I'm officially ready to place my order - so exciting!

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I second under counter. I don't know why but I think it's a luxury to have a stand alone hood instead of an otr micro.

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I say under the counter. It's much more practical, and I just don't like the look of the MW over the stove. Good luck!

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Congrats on the choices Rebeccamom123!

Look forward to photos of your progress. Good Luck.

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