Faux painted garage doors to look like wood?

dtchgrlSeptember 19, 2011


We are getting a new front entry door and in the process am looking at fixing up other parts of the exterior. Our garage is huge and bland. I am considering either painting the garage doors the same tan color as the house but this might make them look even more boring and there is no hiding the size of the garage anyway. Or, I've seen examples of standard garage doors painted to look like wood. I that when done well, on the right house it looks really nice.

Does anyone have experience with doing this or the results?? Here are some example pictures, and a picture of my house.

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I notice that the house has very light trim, light painting on the house itself, a sort of medium mix on the brown gray stone and the medium brown wood door and very dark on the roof of the porch, but the garage only has the very light trim and lightish main color. Have you thought about bringing some medium colors over for the garage trim and then making the garage doors a similar medium brown? What material are the garage doors made of? I have had good luck with acrylic paints but you need to match the paint type with the material.

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