A real life Cruella Deville

bug_girlMay 6, 2007

please help put her out of business

My friend showed me a link about a woman who breeds poodles in Fresno California. Her dogs are all very sick, starving and almost dead, but she shot some of her dogs rather then allow the Humane Society to take them. Saying she would shot all her dogs herself, rather then allow someone else to make money from her dogs. She should be prosecuted for her criminal animal cruelty. This poodle rescue society is asking people to email or write the DA, and links are provided. Warning some photos are very graphic.

Here is a link that might be useful: FRESNO ABUSED STANDARD POODLES

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I could'nt get through the whole story. I literally had to go up chuck. I also sent an e-mail to Dunlap Co. District Attourneys Office through the Fresno Bee.
The name of the dog owners kennels is High Standards Ranch...Pathetic

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bug_girl, sorry you have,nt had any responses for your post. I've noticed the tendency to connect puppy mill animals as animals on the same par as the puppy mill owners. Not worth worrying about.
Just my opinion folks.

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No, it is not that they are puppy mill dogs, it is just that the situation is so disgusting that there is nothing to disagree about. What is there to say? I am not willing to click on the really bad pictures because the ones shown in the articles are bad enough.

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Just wanted to chime in. I deffinetly don't think they are not worth worrying about! Nancy said it best - I have nothing to disagree with! I don't think anyone here would. Perhaps better posted in the Pet Forum?

Either way, thank you for posting Bug Girl. I took the time earlier this month to write an e-mail to Fresno's DA!

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Oaklief, you got it all wrong.
I just find it hard to champion someone who probably put money in the pockets of a breeder just like the one listed above. They are everywhere. Her breeder may be even worse than the one she is complaining about.
I did read it and did what I could.

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Arrest isn't enough for someone like this. Unfortunately, it's the worst we can do to them.

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beanne and the adams I'm proud you sent a letter to the DA.
No i did'nt get it wrong. I did'nt say a word about anyone just the animals and the breeder.
You have just about convinced me to go and buy these poor animals and save at least some of them.
Not buying any of these animals would have just as much effect as not buying any more gas.Who is going to do that? If you want to change something you get yourself out there and do something. Not sit back and say don't, not do something. You picket, write you elected officials everyday. you organize and you don't organize and sit back and collect donations
you lobby against breeders and sellers. You get the media stirred up to your cause.

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