Cruelty To Dog Considered Art!

kellyengMay 2, 2008

I just received this info from a friend. I checked it out on Snopes it said that it's validity is "undetermined." I think a pictures says a 1000 words!

Here's the link but be warned the pictures are heart wrenching:

Here is a link that might be useful: Dog cruelty on display

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Unless you've ever been to a place where its common place to see starving dogs on the streets, it probably doesn't make sense.

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That is not art. Capturing a natural moment is art. He forced a moment therefore it's exploitation and killing. Very sick and inhumane man.

Unfortunately some countries do not look upon pets as we do.

Thank God there is a God. I'm sure that dog is in a much better place now.

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Are you saying this makes sense to you? I'm just wondering if you can explain it to me, because I don't get it.

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Cities like Port au Prince, Mexico City, San Jose, have feral scavenger dogs walking the streets every day. These dogs are on the brink of starvation. Thousands of people walk by them every day, ignoring them. These cities don't have animal control or animal welfare societies like we know of in the United States. These cities struggle with keeping people fed and healthy, dogs are low on their priority list.

When I see these dogs I am appalled, but the people who live there consider it normal. These dogs are treated like we would treat rats. This guy took one of those dogs off the street, changing its context and making people more aware of what goes in front of them everyday.

Its not warm and fuzzy, and its not art... but the guy was making a "social statement"... and its hard for us to understand that statement when we don't live in that society.

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Exploiting the suffering of an animal for "art", or even to make a statement, is despicable. Anyone with any compassion would try to help, at least feed the dog, or have him humanely euthanized if recovery is not possible.

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Sorry Joepyeweed, but I just don't agree. Tying up a dog with a very short rope and starving it is not worth a "social statement". The same message can be sent by photographing a starving dog in its natural environment...not by forcing it to exist in a 'torture chamber'.

If this dog was roaming the streets in one of those locations you mentioned, at least it would have the ability to scavenge for itself. This dog didn't have that chance.

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The dog WAS roaming the streets, and he tied it up for a few hours in the gallery. People were shocked by the dog, however those same probably just walked past very similar dogs on their way to the gallery and paid them no attention.

Its horrible to see a starving dog on display in an art gallery, and its even more horrible that the same display happens every day on the streets in front of everyone. And no one does anything about it.

I didn't saying that its right or its wasn't cruel, I just said I can understand the point, because I've seen the same dog in other places...

In fact, I have a picture of two starving dogs humping on the streets of Carrefour.

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Ok, I understand. I thought it was a longer period of time, and that the dog was purposefully kept away from any means to find food or water. I see your point.

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