Boy Yorkies Sweeter Thank Girls?

fairlight47May 11, 2007

I've heard that boy Yorkies are sweeter than girls. Has anyone else heard this, and what do you all think? I've only had experience with girl Yorkies and they were sweethearts!

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I haven't seen a difference. Yorkies in my experience are simply nice dogs.

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In every breed there is always a difference between the males and females tempermant. Actually, this goes for most species! Yet, of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

For example, male dogs tend to be more dominant due to their natural "packing" instinct. An unneutered dog would do best with an experienced handler as they can be more "pushy." If you consider yourself more of a pushover, in general, you would do better with a female dog who is less likely to test the boundries and fight you for dominance.

Again, generally, female dogs tend to be easier to train/housebreak and are calmer as adults then their male counterparts.

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I have had a female yorkie for 3 years, I got her when she was about 10 weeks. I agree that females easier to train, housebreak,and are calmer as adults,and I would not want any other kind,she is so eager to please. She is such a pleasure to have around, I am already dreading the day when I won't. I cannot pcture life without her.

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I've never met a sweet Yorkie. They've all been biting yappers. :(

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My sister has a boy and a girl yorkie. The boy is much more loving. Both trained about the same but Whitney is a real stubborn little girl.

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