Need advice on priming stripped exterior trim

krcSeptember 12, 2010


I apologize if this is an embarrassingly simple question.

I just started stripping porch columns on my 1875 house using Silent Paint Remover (infrared). The result is extraordinary; 1/16" in of paint off in 60 seconds.

One round of stripping/scraping leaves either raw wood or a very, very fine layer of the original gray/tan primer (or possibly milk paint). Light hand sanding removes more of the primer, but does not bring it back to raw wood without lots of work. The Silent Paint FAQ cautions against machine/aggressive sanding of the primer residue since it might clog the pores of the wood and affect future adhesion.

My question is whether I can prime the mixed raw wood/old primer and achieve successful long term adhesion.

I'd also welcome any other technique/product suggestions. I plan the typical oil primer followed by latex. Obviously, with all this work, I'd like the result to look good and last.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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If you sand down to bare wood, then you should not have adhesion problems. If you sand to base that is firmly adhered to the wood, then you also should have no problems as long as there is no other residue on the surface.

The brand of finish that you use will recomend a primer. I would that. ICI makes a type of paint that is supposed to be a combination oil/water base. That is a good paint.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Any good slow drying oil primer should do the trick, notice the adjectives , good and slow.

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