TSP solution really needed?

diy_novice_23September 28, 2010

Do you have to use a TSP solution on your walls before priming? Can you just wipe them down? I have to paint the whole interior of the house. Is it needed in the kitchen because of any residue? Just moving in so don't know anything about what has been done.

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Use POWDERED Dirtex instead.
Normally doesn't need rinsing!!
TSP requires 2 or 3 rinses.

REQUIRED wash-areas: Kitchens, Baths, Entry/laundry areas.

Because you don't know what's on the walls is all the more reason to wash everything...IDEALLY.
It doesn't take much extra time, and only prevents problems down the road.
It's SUCH an important step!!


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I have painted many many rooms in my various houses over the years. I'm lazy ergo I have NEVER washed the walls before I painted and I have NEVER primed walls before I painted either. This includes kitchens. Now recently in our new old (1780!) house I did use a stain blocker spray on some spots that were on the ceiling and then I painted the ceiling. No stains showed through.

That being said, I have never had a problem with any of the walls I have painted. My 2 cents worth, take it for what it is :)

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Rafor's somewhat on the luckier side.

With open floor-plan rooms/kitchen areas, cooking oils/etc. are carried some distances on the steam/humidity from cooking.
Deposits from candles drift too.
Soap vapors can drift/accumulate too. Cooking sprays are another source of wall contamination.
In baths, soaps & sprays get carried onto walls and built up...then people wonder why even their primer won't stick!!

>>> Washing (with a DETERGENT) and priming solve many problems, AND CREATE NONE.
>>> Water by itself is pretty much useless AS A CLEANER.


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