I want a daschaund

rthummerApril 7, 2007

I lost my dashaund to cancer last December and I swore I would never get another dog. I love my Coal sooo much, and I felt I would be betraying his memory and also, the pain of losing a best friend is too much. But, now I have changed my mind. I absolutely love dashaunds they are the cutest, funniest little dogs. I bought Coal at a flea market probably from a lady that was running a puppy mill. That was before I was educated from this forum on what a puppy mill was. Coal was a money pit literally, but I never cared what I spent on him, he had eye surgery that was over $2,000 dollars as a pup, hip surgery another $1,000, and numerous other expenses. Please do not beat me up, I had no idea that I was buying a dog that was from a puppy mill. I loved him with all my heart and would have spent my last dime to make his life more comfortable, but in the end the cancer took his life. I know in my heart I gave him the best life I could. He was the best little companion so sweet and smart also, always willing to please. Do not hate me or bash me for buying Coal from a puppy mill I was ignorant at the time. I want another daschaund, but this time I want to be smart about the whole thing. What do I do--- daschaund rescue, or a registered daschaund? How do I go about the rescue and where are the better rescues? I do not want to end up like I did last time even though I loved my Coal with all my heart. Also how do you find the better breeders? Which way should I go? I am very confused on what I should choose. I have talked to some of the breeders and they tell me you never know what you will get when you go with the rescues and I may be back in the same situation as I was with Coal...... but yet, I would love to help a unwanted daschaund and to love him or her, and give him or her a loving home. I am at a quandry....Any helpful suggestion? Please do not be mean to me. I just want to know.

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I am sorry I should have posted this in the pets forum.

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Hi rthummer, I am glad to hear your mourning has been successful and you are ready to let a new furbaby into your heart. I see nothing wrong with loving characteristics that Coal had and wanting another Daschund. They are comical little guys!

In my experience with rescues, you have to go with your gut feeling about the situation. You can go to the breed rescue in your area, or go to Petfinder. I know a very nice young lady here in SE Michigan who runs a Daschund rescue. I met her because I was interested in learning more about a Daschie mix she had. It didn't work out for us with that dog, but she seemed to be level-headed and big hearted, so I would trust her until she showed me otherwise. See the thread about the bad experience with Cat rescues and you will see lots of info on what to look for.

Be careful not to fall in love with dogs on Petfinder until you meet them and know they are really available to you. There is often a lag between the dog being adopted and its page being removed by the rescue, but look around and see what you see, give it time, and trust your instincts. Some of the dogs on Petfinder or at rescues are from Puppy Mills. But they are rescued from the puppy mills, and the mills are not making money off of them. Think about the situations and keep a level head. You sound like someone who will love your dog no matter what happens, but smart enough to try for as healthy a dog as you can get. I wish you the best in your quest!

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If I were you, after all the money you spent on your last dog I would go to a reputable breeder this time. So many purebreds in rescue seem to be from puppy mills and you could face the same nightmare of health problems you had with your last dog. I think you deserve a financial break this time, personally.

Go to local dog shows to find breeders or look on the internet for a dachshund club in your area that offers referrals. There are also ads in the back of Dog Fancy magazine and on the internet. Choose someone who shows their dogs and breeds rarely just to improve the breed. You will probably have to wait a while for a puppy to be available.

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I love dachsies too! I just lost my 17 year old longhaired red (raised from a pup) and we miss her. We are searching for dachshund breeders since we want a longhaired dachshund and they can be hard to find.

Depending on your living situation, you can go to a rescue group. Just google dachshund club of america or dachshund rescue and find one in your area. Just be aware that these dogs while you can get them fairly reasonably priced, are often older dogs 5+ years or older. Which is not a big deal because the breed is a long lived breed for sure.

We rescued an 8 year old and she also lived to age 17. Also the rescue dachshunds can have health and behavior problems which will be detailed by the rescue operations. And you can see if you can handle that. Some people can. If you are single or older you may do better with an older dog because they don't have to be potty trained.

OR, you can get in touch with a reputable breeder who is registered with a local dachsund club because they often are required to take an ethics oath which says they cannot sell puppies to mills or brokers. So that means they can top price for their quality pups. Most often the breeders will have pet quality pups which are considerably cheaper and they are just as good healthwise, just may have minor non-conformations that means they will not do well in the show-ring. Which is what the breeders are really in business for.

You cannot get your AKC registrations from the breeders unless you give proof that you have spayed and or neutered these animals though. you may have to get on a waiting list.

Things to ask about the dacshhund breed that breeders with certify they have tested for are PRA - progressive retinal atrophy, eye disease, and genetic disk disease are most common. Ask about these.

We are also currently searching these avenues.

Dachsies rule!

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Here is a link to veterinarypartner.com's list of questions to ask a breeder.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ask a Dog Breeder These Questions Before You Buy

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Here is an article from dogbreedinfo.com on how to choose a breeder.

Here is a link that might be useful: Choosing the Right Breeder for You

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Here is a link to the Am. Kennel Clubs page on Dachshunds. On the left side of the page you will find a link that says "Breeder Refferal." Here you will find links to the Dachshund Club of America and their breeder refferal page which list breeders by state. Also, their page for regional clubs. Maybe their's one in your area!

Good Luck

Here is a link that might be useful: AKC Dachshund Page

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Thank you all for all the information that I didn't have. Some of your info I will surely use. I am going to definetly get a doxie no question about that, just where. Now that you have given me some material to work on I can go from there. Thank you so much.

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rthummer, you into hummingbirds? Feel free to Email me.
As far as getting a doxie, have you put in your zipcode on petfinder?
If I was looking for a pet, that's the first thing I would do. Yea, yea, yea, we all know about the bogus postings there, but please try it. Put in Doxie and Zipcode and see what comes up in your area.

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Educate yourself as much as possible about the breed and what problems they have. Knowledge is your best way of finding the right pup for yourself. And be aware that even then it can still be a crapshoot as far as getting a good sound dog. At least the more you know the better your chances.


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Most good breeders are charging $550-$650 for a good pet quality dog. So don't be tempted to go to a petshop that buys indescriminate animals again. You won't save any money, their prices are about the same! And in the long run may end up cost more because the pet shop dog has problems.
You will likely have to wait for a litter when dealing with reputable breeders. And you get a lineage report back several generations, health guarantees and shots and guarantees that the dogs have been inspected several times by vets before you get them.

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I think price may depend more on region and breed, then just a general price for a good quality pet.

I do not show my dogs but find that their are very different prices per breed. While I can expect to pay $500-$600 for my Jack Russell Terrier, I can find a quality Min Pin for around $400. Yet, I can never find quality pet Dobermans for under $1000 and usually end up spending anywhere from $1200-$1500.

Good Luck! It's all about research!

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