Does anyone freeze dressing?

ilovetnNovember 24, 2010

I have all these ingredients out on the counter and I wondered why I have to do this again for Christmas. Has anyone readied a pan of dressing and frozen it? Thanks

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I've frozen leftover dressing often, and it's fine. The celery and onions are already limp, so freezing them isn't a problem. I say go for it - sounds like a great idea to me :-)


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I've done that for the past few years since I never know how mobile I'm going to be from one day to the next. As soon as I make the stuffing I spread some out and cool it down, then bag it up and freeze it uncooked. That's for stuffing the Christmas bird. Then I stuff the Thanksgiving bird plus make a big pan to bake. I then take half of the baked stuffing and freeze it for the leftovers for Christmas. I love a good turkey and stuffing sandwich and I can eat stuffing and gravy for days. Smiles. If I am reheating the previously baked stuffing I do like to splash it liberally with some turkey or chicken stock before heating. Oh, almost forgot, I often make even more stuffing when I'm making it and take some of the uncooked stuffing and freeze a few smaller baggies to use in future for stuffed pork chops. That's what I'll be doing tomorrow. I have 4 loaves of bread to make into all that stuffing. Since I'm making so much, I'll be using the food processor to slice all that celery and onion and the electric knife to cut the bread. Mmm... can almost smell it.

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Hmmmm.... and just what is the address of your freezer and all that stuffing, coconut?

Teresa in sunny NC - who keeps thinking she should practice her stuffing/dressing skills as we know Mom is not going to live forever, but who is grateful she is still going strong at 84/85?, thank the Lord.

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I like having a bag of uncooked stuffing in the freezer. I always add some leftover cooked rice to mine as well.

Wonderful to have on hand for stuffed pork chops as Coconut mentioned.

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Coconut that is a brilliant idea!

Christmas Day is always a challenge, there is just so much going on!

I have taken to making Woodies day before gravy, overnight breakfast casseroles for brunch, having the stuffing ready to go would be another great help on a very hectic day!

I'm even thinking of making the mashed potatoes ahead and holding in a crock pot but I'm not quite there yet!

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Chase, have you thought of making the make-ahead mashed potato casserole from the Best of Bridge series?
The one with sour cream, cheese cream and shredded cheese.
It's nice because it can be made a couple days in advance, and reheated. If you have a small electric roaster, it can heat in that while the bird is cooking.

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Thanks everyone. I knew this was the place to get answers from practical, rushed people! :-) I actually used all the stuff I had for a big pan to take to my sister's house, but it is definitely something that I will do in the next couple of weeks for Christmas.

I have a great recipe for make ahead turkey gravy. Will also post that next week.

Teresa, I don't know about the crock pot, but I always get the potatoes peeled and in some water in the fridge. There is always someone standing around that I can recruit to mash the taters!

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I'll often make far more dressing than I need for a given meal. (Basically a cornbread/sausage/mushroom dressing.) You can freeze it in plastic bags, or in disposable foil pans with foil covering them. That's a good trick for precooking some dressing for Thanksgiving or Christmas--have the dressing all done and frozen. Morning of the meal, take the pans out of the freezer and let them thaw on the counter. (Food police, look the other way, please. But if you need to be really compulsive, put the pans in the fridge the day before so they can thaw.) Once thawed, reheat in the oven. You might need to moisten the dressing with a little water or chicken broth.

It's like spaghetti. It's often better when reheated because the flavors have blended more thoroughly.

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My DD loves dressing so much that I've often frozen leftover dressing in serving size portions for her. Another thing I do is make the bread, add the onions, seasonings and celery and crumble it all together and put in a freezer bag to wait for the holiday in the fridge. Then all I have to do is pour the stock over and cook. Of course you could freeze it that way also.

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I do freeze my cornbread dressing. Spoon it into zip lok bags. It thaws out beautifully and fresh as the day it was made. We love dressing and it's a lot of work to I make the most of it!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

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