Color matching (Wythe Blue)

petes_wifeSeptember 22, 2010

New to the forum here, but have found lots of great help so far!

I've almost decided (for the 50th time) to paint my LR/DR Wythe Blue. Love the color on the chip, love the color in the pictures I'm seeing online, and love the stuff people are saying about it.

Here's my concern: We will be getting the color matched at Pittsburgh Paint (long family history of working with them). However, I've read so many times lately comments like, "The color on the paint card just doesn't do it justice." If that's the case and I bring in the paint card to get it matched, would it not have the same color, effect, and quality as if I had gotten the Wythe Blue straight from BM? Forgive me if this is a stupid question. ;-)


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Not a dumb question at all!

The MAIN "Aegis"-like point here is...
"There's no such thing as a perfect match."

It's just not possible. I can get D@MN close usually, given some time to tweak a color. Unless you're using "company X's" formula and colorants...100% isn't possible. Won't happen.

Do this:
* Buy a Qt. of the colormatch at your PPG store. Give the staff some time to tweak it.
* Have them save the "final" Qt. formula.
* THEN...brush/roll some out...onto foamboard samples. Do 2 coats, just as you would on the actual wall.

>>> DON'T brush samples onto the wall!!

* Now let it dry a few hours, and check the appearance the next day.
* Move your samples around the room, and check in different lights. Use painter's-tape and put-'em-up for a while!
* If you're satisfied, have them scale-up the formula to a gallon.


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