How to Paint interior doors with 6 panels

diy_novice_23September 28, 2010

How do you paint an interior door with 6 panels on them? I know a foam roller is good for flat surfaces like doors but how would you get into the grooves of the panels? I've read on here that a brush lays down noticably more paint and leaves brush strokes. Can you mix the 2 types and use a brush for the indents in the panels and a roller for all else? Or will the foam roller get into the grooves and cover fine?

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A good painter will just use a brush for all areas...for a PANELED door anyway.
I'd rather have slight brushstrokes than light "roller-stipple"!

Depending on actual paint used, I'd strongly consider XIM's Latex X-tender. This ISN'T a just relaxes the paints binder so it doesn't set-up so fast. This gives more brushing/leveling time.

* Using the best brush you can, paint the indented panels first. I'd grab an ANGLED 2.5" brush, maybe a 3".
* Using brush, push paint into the corners, then pull paint out of corners into the field. Use smooth flowing strokes. Don't "dust" with the brush. Pretend you're combing long hair!
* Now, paint the 4 short horizontals between the indents. feather-edge the paint about a 1/4" into the other stiles.
* Center verical is next. Loooongg flowing strokes here. End your feather-edge 1/4" into the top/bottom horizontal stiles.
* Now paint the top/bottom stile, ending your feather-edge 1/4" into the long side verticals. Here, you'll be painting across the bottom 2 panels, & across the top of the upper 2 panels.
* The long vertical stiles at the edges are next. Complete top-to-bottom strokes here!

Use the best paint, prep= a light scuff-sand, and brush you can get.
Avoid Floetrol if ya can. XIM is better.
Rehearse your strokes/pattern.
Try for the minimum stroking possible.


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I just bought a Graco paint sprayer and am thinking of using it on some cabinet doors, interior doors, and trim in our hallway.

Is it practical, using something like X-tender, to spray the woodwork and then follow with a brush? Painting all of the trim in our bedroom took forever but it seemed like most of the time was spent applying paint, not flowing it out with the brush.

I used to enjoy putting the gloss coat on surfboards, holding the brush with two fingers and using long strokes to flow out the resin. Seems to be the same technique for painting doors and cabinets except for those pesky corners.

Or, will I be able to just spray the cabinets and doors and let the paint settle by itself?

Here is a link that might be useful: Graco Project Painter

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