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anya_101March 10, 2008

Just gotta love a commercial that makes one think it is ok to run out and adopt a dog, just because it seems like a good thing to do at the time. How ignorant can they honestly be?

Watch the commercial, then email them to let them know just how you feel about their advertisement.

Here is a link that might be useful: bad advertising

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Yeah, it could be taken that way, but the lady is obviously at the place where the adoption fair is taking place, so the voice over, "I feel so good I think I'll adopt a puppy," could be taken as an explanation of WHY she is at the adoption fair. This indicates some intent. The suprized look on her face does tip the interpretation toward yours, though. All they would have to do is remove that shot where she shows surprize at seeing the puppy and change the voice over to, "I feel so good I decided to adopt a puppy." I think I will email them about it.

I am sure that they had no thought whatsoever about how their commercial could encourage irresponsible decision-making about pet parenthood. Only those of us sensitive to the issue would notice it.


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Thanks to anyone who emailed this company, as they have now changed their comercial. It is one I can stand to sit through without feeling a sickness to my stomach now.

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Well,I don't know how many people seeing that commercial would actually run out and adopt a puppy but my comment (to myself) every time I saw it was,"Yeah,right! I'm gonna run right out and get a puppy!LOL)

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The very reason there are homeless pets available to adopt is because people don't think through or research their pet purchases to begin with!

If people would understand, and take seriously, the lifelong commitment of pet ownership, there would be less pets in need of adoption.

A cute puppy or kitty is NOT a good Christmas gift, either, for example!

When it comes to domestic animals... why is it that common sense isn't part of the equation?

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"Finally I feel so good I can adopt the puppy I have always planned for".

I can't see how that's irresponsible advertisement?

Besides, my dog has been taking Move Free for years. It has saved his quality of life.

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"Finally I feel so good I can adopt the puppy I have always planned for".
This is what it has now been changed to!!
It used to be just "Finally I feel so good I think I will adopt a puppy".

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