munkosMarch 1, 2007

I'm really considering getting a harrier dog in the future. We have decided to not have three dogs at this point. However, getting another once big guy is gone. Hopefully not for quite a few years yet.

However, I have done my research and know that it may take up to a year (if not longer, being that I'm in canada) to get my hands on a harrier pup. Although adopting an older harrier from a breeder would definately be an option if possible. I would almost prefer it.

From what I've read too, it's near impossible to get a harrier mix from rescue, because the breed is so rare. In 1994 there were 4 litters, resulting in 31 puppies. It's not a great possibility that kennel dogs would have harrier in them.

Also, has anyone had success getting a pup long distance?? Majority of breeders are in California, and I'm in Canada. They say they do do that, but is it a good idea??

I absolutely adore my beagle. I would have a million and one of them, if I could. However, we would prefer a bit of a bigger dog next time. And that what harriers are. Mid-size dogs, but with a beagle temperment and looks. It can't get much better than that :D

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Oh crap, I thought I was back in the pets forum. Oops >.

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That's okay-- you've enlightened me!! Up till now, I always thought harriers had pivoting jet engines so as to facilitate a vertical take off!!

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It sounds like they are hard to find, you may want to look into an american fox hound. Similar dog to a harrier, but probably easier to find.


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There are some 15inch Beagles which are bred in Canada and New York to run Hares, some of these dogs are pretty tall. Most are registered with CKC, some UKC or ARHA. Some lines aren't registered but are crossed up with beagle, and some breed of Fox Hound or walker hound. My brother used to have some Harrier X Trigg hounds for fox hunting.

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I know Beagles make great pets.

I am not certain that Foxhounds or Harriers would....They are working dogs and haven't been bred for pet characteristics.

What do the breeders say?

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I know about 300 Beagles,probably closer to 1,000, they are all working dogs!! If one of mine doesnt turn out I give them away as pets if possible, better than the alternative.
Hounds make great pets, my coon, fox and rabbit hounds are as good as pets as they are at the chase for the most part.

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I have a half blue heeler and bird dog mix. He is a wonderful inside pet.He's very gentle even my little chihuahua-pug mix can boss him around
sometimes. He barks at strangers and scares them but he would only love them to death once they were in the house.

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The Harrier Club of America offers breeder referral through their secretary, Ellen Par. She lives in Woodburn, Oregon.
Her email address is ellen@wynfieldhounds.com


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I think a fox hound, in temperment or pet-ability, is not going to be signficantly different than a beagle.

I have a fox hound and my BIL has a beagle... both are hounds. And the average person, who is not a dog efficiendo, assumes my dog is a beagle mix.

Actually I think beagles are more vocal, more boisterous and prone to bolt at scent than my fox hound is, though both breeds are hunting/working type dogs and need to handled accordingly.

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We've considered the foxhound, but I think if I were to get a foxhound, I would get a mixed rescue. There's just something about purebred foxhounds, that neither of us like, for some reason. Hopefully by the time this decision needs to be made, we've got our land out of town so we can have more than two, though.

I really want another hound for my beagle to play with. She does better with dogs that are a bit bigger than she is. I've yet to find a breed we like, that can keep up with her and tire out with her. Most dogs we've had play with her, tire long before she does. The one that hasn't, just isn't an option. It was a collie, and I definately don't need the problems that come along with owning a collie. I just don't have the means or time to work it enough that is isn't destructive. Besides, we absolutely ADORE the hound temperment.

From what I've read, harriers and beagles are supposed to be a bit easier to train than foxhounds, however once trained, the foxhound will listen more consistently than either. (But that is something I love about her. She's definately got a mind of her own, and her own way of doing things) Thats what I've been able to find out, anyways. But also, that the fox hound is the hardest to tire, between the three. I want a friend for her that will tire her out, and tire around the same time. Not one that will tire her out, but still be ready to go for more. Because then I'll just have to find another hound type to fix that problem! And I'm pretty sure I won't be allowed to have a pack of hounds, even on our acerage.

Anyways though, a foxhound mix (smaller, preferably) is an option. I don't think I'd ever turn down any kind of hound (bassets are the exception). I just love them.

Hopefully I've got lots of years to think on it. I decided 9 years ago that I wanted a beagle, and just got one 2 years ago. So I was definately armed with a ton of knowledge, and hopefully will be this time around no matter what the breed is in the end.

And jan, thank you for that contact info!

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I must say my fox hound is darn right stubborn. But I really think all hounds are, they have an independant streak that took me awhile to get used to because I had been a lab lover most of my life. The fox hound came to us as an accidental rescue. But he is one of the smartest dogs I have ever had. He has logic and reason and can out-trick most of our other dogs, especially the labs. I would put his intelligence up against our jack russel terrier anyday. Though the JRT would win by sheer determination...

Our JRT and fox hound makes a good combination. JRT's and hounds were historically bred to work as a team, the hounds for the chase and the smaller JRT would ride in the saddle bag. If the fox went under ground, the JRT would be dropped into the hole to go after it. And then if the chase continued, the JRT would run with the hounds for the rest of the hunt.

JRT is a fiesty weariless dog that might make a good companion for a hound. They have the endless energy of the hound, but the brains and wit of terrier. They need a fair amount of both mental and physical stimulation.

I think no matter what breed you do get, eventually they will take on your personality and get into your groove...

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Fancifowl  what do you mean by "If one of mine doesnt turn out I give them away as pets if possible, better than the alternative."?

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'doesnt turn out'- not all dogs are able to meet the expectations of the breed. I breed Beagles to chase rabbits, not all can perform to the degree I require.

' I give them away as pets'- well, I give them to someone I feel will give them good care as a pet.

'alternative' euthanasia.

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Most of the labs that I have owned were ones that were rejected by hunters, either they were gun shy, too hard on their bite or just to wary. The rejected hunting dogs make great pets as long as you keep them exercised and entertained.

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Don't you just absolutely love that stubborn streak and independance though?? I find it commical, although admittidly it can be a touch frustrating at times.

I just love being able to look at her and you can just see those little wheels turning, when she's up to something. And the noises she makes whens he ultimately gives in and listens when she doesn't want to. The huffing, the glaring. And she's got this thing where if you tell her to sit, and she doesn't want to, she decides she's REALLY itchy..and then when she's done scratching she convienently forgets she was told to sit and stay.

Maybe it's because I've generally always been more a cat lover than a dog lover. I like the indepenance and stubborness of cats. Don't get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with a dog that is very faithful and loyal and will do anything you say at the drop of a hat. But theres something so much better about a dog who has as much personality and problem solving skills, as the hounds do.

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I didn't mean to say that Beagles weren't working dogs.

I was just trying to say that many more Beagles have been used as pets than Harriers or Foxhounds.

Many lines of Beagles have never seen a rabbit.

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I have often compared my fox hound to a cat. And yes, I do love their independent streak. My hound pretends that he can't hear you if he can't see you.

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