White shade of white tile

tinanFebruary 25, 2013

Now my next project is to install white subway tile backsplash from countertop to cabinets. I have painted the cabinets Simply White, and the countertops are natural concrete (not yet finished and sealed in these pics - may darken a bit with sealer).

I picked up sample tiles from HD and Lowes both are similar and 22 cents each, except the HD tile is a warmer white than the Lowes. I can't decide which one I prefer!

Warmer on left cooler on right

warmer on top



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I meant to say "which" shade of white tile...

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well, i'm very good with color and i have to tell you, i think you're on your own! there's no way anyone can discern any difference on a computer screen. at least i can't on mine. there's just no way of seeing the true color, tone and temperature unless we're standing in the room with you. they are just too close.

i would lay out several tiles of each along a wall and live with them for a while. look at them at different times of day and night and see which you gravitate towards most.

and believe me when i say, i feel your pain. there must be at least a billion or so different whites -if not more!

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So tough! I think the warmer looks nice, but I think you can't really go wrong either way.

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I think I am leaning a bit towards the warmer tile from HD. I just do not want it to look dingy (having just removed dingy old off white bumpy tile) but I don't think either of these will. I only bought a single tile, should have bought a few as you suggest!

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