Kitchen cabinets were I have an issue?

Capegirl05September 3, 2011

The painters have finished painting our Shaker-style kitchen cabinets (still have to apply the poly) and as I looked it over yesterday, I noticed they also sprayed the hinges on the door which is inside the cabinte?!?! They did take painter's paper and pushed it into the little groove to keep paint from getting in there so the doors could close properly. I just assumed they wouldn't paint the hinges...Is this a problem or will it be down the road?

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I had the same experience when my kitchen cabinets were painted a few years ago. One of the doors will not close and leaves a 2" opening. The hinges have paint chipped off of them. I wish I had seen the show on HGTV where they updated a kitchen by repainting the cabinets. They took the doors off the cabinet and replaced all the hardware including the hinges and painted the doors flat, waited for them to dry and reinstalled them using new hardware. Not all that expensive for just the hinges. I guess you could have taken the hinges off and cleaned them and reinstalled them.

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Why would they apply poly to painted cabinets? That's not necessary. If the hinges move and they painted movable parts, then yes the paint will eventually chip off.

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Thanks paintguy...was hoping you would weigh-in...You are right about the hinges moving over time so yes, paint will then chip off the hinges. Do you think this will cause the doors to not close properly? I just don't want to have issues with cabinet doors not closing properly now or in the future.

chellip-I have painted existing cabinets before and I took every darn door off and painted them and then replaced the hinges. I am really kicking myself for not making this a requirement in our new construction!!!

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I think there would have to be a lot of paint on the hinge to affect the way they operate.

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I would also question whether they got adequate and even coverage if they didn't take the doors off?

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Not trying to hijack your thread but along these same lines of painting cabinets... I hired a company who claims to be the best and they add poly over their paint. Sometimes they take off the plastic coating on thermofoil doors I suppose with a heat gun and then peel it off, comes off like a peeling sheet. Ok, so I had them do a sample door without taking off the plastic as they said it was on there nice and tight but when they brought it back the plastic was lifting on the edge. When I pointed it out the sales woman got very mad and said they could just glue that back down and I was being terribly unreasonable. I actually said I wouldn't be comfortable with that. She tersely replied well, I don't know what you want me to do...Oy vey, I was just not cut out to deal with contractors. They are charging me $1200 and now they want extra to take off the plastic. I can understand that but sheesh!!! Anyway, question, is this normal? Painting over thermofoil? Is this what you all did in your kitchen? What is your opinion of taking off the plastic and then painting, this seems like it would be better. I started out to reface but that would be thousands more. Just had to stop with the investment in the bathroom as we are way over budget as it is. PAINT GUY I hope you are still here. They are going to take the doors off to paint them. I am glad of that!!! The sales girl also told me that she could only do a white color as bright of white as "Aesthetic White" (SW) this is not really a very white white. She said that is because SW only makes these special paints in certain colors. I don't want it stark white but this is a very putty looking white and doesn't do a thing for my Cafe Imperial granite. All I want is painted "off" white cabinets that the paint will stick on. Where am I going wrong? I don't want those shading lines or shabby chic distressing or glaze in the lines or anything special why can't I get that across??? I am willing to change my approach!!! Help!

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