Self leveling enamel?

cfmuehlingSeptember 24, 2010

I was reading posts and came across a reference to this here.

I have probably 60 cabinets (stuff for 4 rooms) to paint and would like a last coat to be enamel for durability. Could anyone comment - pros or cons- on this and a manufacturer? None of the cabinets are permenantly attached at this point.

Hmm... I'm hoping for a satin finish on some.



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Yeah. Fine Paints of Europe is the only one I know of. Use it and I'm sure you'll be happy. Call them first for expert free advice.

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Check out CabinetCoat.

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Sorry about my double-post there!

Forget you ever heard the word "Enamel". It actually means nothing relative to paint. It never did really...but it used to IMPLY Oil-based paints, since they dried to a hard the "Enamel" on your teeth.
When Latexes were advertised more, guess what...the word "Enamel" was trotted out to give this newer class of paint some "cache" as well!

If you're not already done...the best choices are:
1) FPE (IF you want absolutely STUNNING results)
2) F&B
3) Insl-X's Cabinet-Coat
4) BM's Aura, or the Impervo's.
5) ACE's Cabinet, Door & Trim paint


(I STILL don't know what-the-h*ll that george.roberts post was about...besides SPAM that is!!)

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Confusing to me.
I guess I know less than I feared I knew.
What's FPE?

The one one I recognize is BM as Benjamin Moore..(?) and Ace.

Thanks, though. If someone might translate, I'm ready to get started!

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FPE = Fine Paints of Europe
F&B = Farrow and Ball

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I have a final coat to go on the kitchen cabinets. I'm interested in this FPE stuff.
I still have 4 sets of cabinets/built-ins to go and am going to feel comfortable that I'm doing the best.

Thanks for your time,

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