Oil Based paints for shower stall?

sarahneiderSeptember 15, 2011

I am painting a mural in my bathroom that will go into the tub/shower area. there will be no tile, all paint. I already investigated marine paints,spar varnish,pool paints, rubber paint and epoxy paints. After reading here and talking to various painting contractors, I am thinking about using old fashioned oil based enamel. i am old enough to remember when that is what we always used for kitchens and baths and then we didn't think anything about it- it was what you did. period. ('course once those fabulous latex enamels came out, and well, we never looked back)

So what do you think-BM Bath and Spa? or back to the future with BM Oil based enamel. I am willing to use the oil base. It needs to last about 5 years. (I am going to hand paint and fire the mural onto tiles and that will take a while)

If this helps with your advise: I am planning to prime over the cement board, then paint an off white background, then paint the mural over that. Can you give me an idea of how much time I will have to paint the mural over the base coat before the base coat is too hard and the mural won't adhere?

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I predict a peeling mess within a year, no matter what you use, with wall damage under the paint. Those paints are not meant to take hot soapy water.

While you are creating the perfect mural, slap up a cheap acrylic tub surround.

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