Local shelters automatically kill pit bull mix pups

ccoombs1March 27, 2008

My daughter had a stray pregnant pit bull show up in her yard around christmas. VERY sweet, loving dog who was in pretty bad shape. She was very thin and very full of pups. She tried to find an owner (although I am not so sure this gal should have been returned to her owner, given the terrible shape she was in). About a week later, she gave birth to 13 pups. 4 died at birth, but the rest are beautful, sweet 10 week old pups now. My daughter has loved these pups, given them their shots, and has desparatly tried to find homes for them, and not had much luck. The other day on the news there was a big story about 3 fighting pit bulls that the shelter had seized and were rehabilitating them to be adopted out. So Emily contacted the shelter to see if they would take 1/2 of the pups and find them homes....they told her that pit bull mix pups are not even given a chance....they will be killed as soon as they come in. Now why on earth would this shelter take these fighting dogs and rehab them, but they won't even give an innocent pup a chance. Makes NO sense to me at all. Emily doesn't have much money and can't afford to keep feeding these puppies. So she's going to take all but her favorite two to a different shelter and hope for the best for them. She just can't bare the thought of her favorite two being put to sleep. Emily did adopt the female that showed up....she named her Jingle.

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I agree that doesn't make sense, the pups have a decent chance of becoming good pets, compared to the adult fighting dogs...

Best of luck to the pups...

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You're right, that doesn't make any sense.

Bless your daughter and her big heart and good luck to her and the pups.

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It's funny how things work out. We loaded the pups up to take them to a shelter on Friday but got there 15 minutes too late.....and had to bring them all back home. Over the weekend, she heard back from a woman who runs a pit bull rescue. She has spread the word about these pups and offers of help are coming out of the woodwork! Emily has already recieved one donation which will spay Jingle and support the pups for a few more weeks. A rescue place in atlanta has offered to take 4 of them so friday we will load up Emily's favorite 4 and drive them four hours to atlanta. Another woman has offered to send money for food, so they don't have to go to a shelter. It is so heartwarming to have so many people wanting to help these pups.

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That's great news! Bless Emily for her kindness and hope the pups get wonderful forever homes soon. Jingle is a lucky gal!

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Great news!

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