Compulserary Spay/Neuter law proposed

lilodMarch 1, 2007

My first reaction was "Good Thing" - I still think it' a step in the right direction, but would it be enforceable, would it create another layer of bureaucracy?

My county has a layered system of dog-licensing - there is a much higher fee for intact animals and for owners of multiple dogs, unless they are working dogs.

Animal Control is understaffed and underfunded and there are many owners, particularly in the back-country, who just don't bother with a license - now expand this to a large state such as California, I really don't see it working.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spay/Neuter laws

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Another stupid feel good proposition.

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The permit fee, which would apply to each pet, would be set by local animal control agencies. If similar actions taken by other local governments in the past are any indication, the fee could range from $100 to $150, Jacobsen said.

That cost seems prohibitive to "real" breeders. For breeders and show dog owners like my father, who may have as many as 15 or 20 dogs at one time, none of them spayed or neutered (a dog can't be spayed or neutered to be shown in the ring), you're talking about at least $1500 or $2000 a year, to just be able to show his dogs every year. That's insane. Why can't there just be a single breeder fee, of like $500, regardless of the number of dogs?

There's tons of problems with this law...that's just one of them that I personally have with it.

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More laws that the irresponsible folks that cause all the problems will ignore.

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They don't call it Commufornia for nothin.

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Well, such proposed laws as a rule don't have enough support to pass anyway it's just grand standing - just like the "spanking" law, they just give us Liberals a bad name.
JMHO it is foolish to pass any law that can't be enforced, it breeds disrespect for all laws.

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I remember the ban dodgeball proposal. Personally I was all in favor of passing that. I remember in gradeschool getting whacked in the hind end with a dodge ball and it had a negative impact that traumatized me for life. I should sue the school, P.E. instructor and the students.

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The big problem is that responsible pet owners license and neuter their pets already and irresponsible pet owners don't and won't.

Animal Controls and other agencies responsible for enforcing animal cruelty laws are grossly understaffed, under resourced and over worked already.

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I'm all for it, it would weed out breeders that are to cheap to have cats/dogs anyway AND breed from them and it would help the overwhelming number of unwanted/wild- cats/dogs.

I think it should be made into effect to include all 50 states too- AND I think it should be illegal to charge above $50 to get it done, because to do so would be seen as defiance of the system and animal cruelty laws.

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