Help deciding on holes in granite: Soap Dispenser/Air Switch?

mommy2nkFebruary 6, 2013

My granite is getting installed tomorrow and I am trying to decide on what I should have at the sink. My sink is the 36" Whitehaven. My faucet will require 1 hole. The filter faucet requires 1 hole. I was thinking it would be nice to have a soap dispenser as well as an air switch, 2 more holes. I live in CA, so I think I need to have an air gap, for a total of 5 holes. I am just wondering if 5 holes would be a mistake. My garbage disposal has always been controlled by a wall switch. I can continue that but I did always hate reaching over to turn it on. I have always just has the soap on top of the counter, so not sure if I need the dispenser. Although, most people seem to love having it. I may just have them drill 4, and not do the air gap. If it becomes a problem then I can just replace the soap dispenser with the air gap in the future. I really don't know what to do? Feedback would be much appreciated. Here are a couple of picutes.

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We chose to have the hot water dispensor and air accuator and soap dispensor holes added to our facucet hole

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Skip the air gap IMO. I'm in CA and that's our plan.

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Does your kitchen need to pass inspection? If so you will most likely need an air gap if you live in CA. Some start with the air gap then switch the air gap to a soap dispenser after inspection. They replace the air gap with a "high loop" under the sink. (Not recommending this but letting you know one option.)

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My kitchen does not need to pass inspection so I was also thinking I would skip the air gap. That would then be 4 things placed at the sink. What would be a good placement for those? It won't be symmetrical since the faucet will be centered. So, where should the soap dispenser, filter faucet and air switch go? What would look the best?

Thanks again!

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