i don't beleive it!!

oakleifMarch 31, 2007

Forgive my ranting. I find it unbeleivable that on this animal debate forum. Not one person has posted what is happening to at least a thousand pets and probably a lot more that have been poisioned by Chinease wheat. Not a single hint that anything from China was in any of this animal food. It was mostly high priced supposedly well made pet food. Where did it say wheat from China.

and now dry dog food added to list.

Some vets are saying you are better off making your own dog-cat food till things are settled.

DD and i lucked out and our 4 dogs and 2 cats are fine because we use cheap food.

I beleive since this came from China,it's going to be covered up big time by Government and big feed companys.

Are any so called animal lovers going to let this quietly go away or are you going to write someone to find out just what happened and why was chinese wheat not specified as an ingredient?


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Hi oakleaf - I figured there were enough posts about it on the pet forum :) I agree with the vet on Good Morning America (or was it Today) this a.m. - I would avoid all pet food containing wheat gluton. Regardless of whether it is on the recall list or not.

There are a couple of petitions out there that I think people should sign. I don't agree 100 % with the wording of this one, but it at least communicates the idea to law makers. According to the site "Once the final tally of the pet deaths is complete, the petition will be delivered to the head of the congressional committee that controls FDA funding (Dave Obey, D-WI, chairman of House Appropriations Committee)."

Here is a link that might be useful: Itchmo petition

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And this one aimed more at Menu Foods.

Here is a link that might be useful: Poison Pet Food petition

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I was also going to mention that there are multiple discussions about this subject on the pets forum, so maybe people didn't think it necessary to discuss here. What would the debate be about... what question or opinion are people supposed to take sides on?

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I am just so thankful I went with Natures Recipe. no Wheat, Corn or fillers (according to the label anyway)
But what will it be next? It is really getting scary out there.

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Actually most of the stuff on the recalled foods is cheap stuff. Iams, Eukanuba and Nutro are just overpriced cheap stuff. A very large portion is sold under store label brands.


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I was shocked and disappointed that the wheat in this food came from China. I mean good grief -- like we don't grow wheat the in the good old USA? Why don't we just build a bridge from here to China.

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How much cheaper can it get from WINN DIXIE store brand dog food. come on!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Laura Lynn from Ingles :)

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Ships pass each other on the seas both carrying the same commodities every day,nothing new. That wheat gluten from China may have been shipped from the US as wheat, sent to China, processed and returned as gluten??

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fancifowl, I read something like that somewhere - but there is so much excessive information chatter anymore, that I can't pin that down - is this part of a grand design or just the way things are in our global environment?
I am working on going as local as possible, but is it possible?
Put the genie back into the bottle, please!

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Do you realize how much stuff that we consume comes from China or Indonesian countries?

There is no law that requires the origin of every ingredient be placed on packaging...

Just keep shopping at Wal-Mart everyone.

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Makes me sick. I just lost my little doggie last week (she was very old and had lymphoma) and I just hope the food I was feeding her didn't speed her along. Only hope is that this shakes up the pet food industry.

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Blame capitalism, not China. Whoever makes the most money wins! Agree with JoePyeWeed, don't shop at Walmart if you want to "shop American".

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capitalism is not to blame! Would you prefer Communism?

My brother has big trucks and used to haul potatoes, his trucks would load in Dakota and unload in Pa., the re;oad in Pa. and unload in Dakota. Its commerce, thats all, no big plan, nothing but commerce.

I recently checked the origin of items we bought @ WalMart and 1 item was from China, others from - VietNam, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Finland, and The USA.. Looked like a pretty good representation of world trade to me. Sure, some WalMart stuff is cheapo junk, same for lots of stores; we shop selectivly.

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The subject of debate in my opinion is why is wheat gluten from China put in american pet food and no one mentions the fact that part of pet food is made in China. Is there a problem for americans that our pets are getting food from who knows where and Why is'nt there a law against not stating that fact and which i thought there was a law against it.

Someone mentioned that this was capitalism and did i prefer communism. I've thought about the two many years and i concluded that both started with good intentions and both were soon taken over by greed. The only difference is one is a greedy goverment and a few rich people screwing the poor and middle class and the other was greedy big business and a few rich people screwing the poor and middle class. Thankyou I'll take good old Demacracy with plenty of checks and balances built in to protect us from greedy leaders.

Thanks for the sites to sign up for complaints.

I think i'll cook my own dog food and use homemade table scraps from now on. Chocolate is probably better than chinese wheat gluten.

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Heck, the higher end brands sometimes flaunt containing foreign ingredients... e.g. 'New Zealand Lamb'

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Gluten is in wheat, barley and rye. You don't process wheat to get gluten. I know this because my DD has celiac disease which means her body can't tolerate gluten or anything made from gluten. She can only eat breads made from rice or corn flour. So when they say wheat gluten they are basically saying that the wheat flour used in making the gravey was tainted.

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Gluten is a protein with elastic properties, thats why its used in feds, to bind ingredients and make a desired consistency in a product. Sure corn has gluten, I use corn gluten as a weed suppressant in the garden and as it is protein it is a good source of nitrogen too. Gluten in feed form is a by product of the whole grain.

I would never feed the el cheapo feeds to a good animal, they are mostly grain(corn % soy) based which is NOT dog food, grains are for cattle!

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Wal*Mart's Ol Roy brand is recalled. It is made by Menu Foods.

Anyone who thinks everything in Wal*Mart is Made in the USA is very mistaken. Electronics, clothing, shoes, DVDs, etc. Almost all of it is imported. Probably a whole lot of everything else too.

Agree 100% grains are for cattle! NOT dogs and cats!

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Actually, cattle were designed to eat grasses. Enclosing them and fattening them up with grains is a man made construct, as artificial as the antibiotics pumped into them. Free range cattle with hay supplemented in the winter need no antibiotics or grain.

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It was not high priced well made pet food. None of the really quality pet foods, ie., Innova, were ever on recall list because they have strict quality control.

Ol Roy and any Wal mart food should be banned forever. It's garbage and no one should be feeding this garbage to their pet if they care about it.

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