breeding coyote meals

anya_101March 5, 2007

This is what I call the perfect coyote meal.

I think this kind of breeding is sad, cruel and ignorant.

As with so many other animals bred for human enjoyment and cuteness(cruelty).

How do you feel about this.....

Here is a link that might be useful: Happy meals for carnivores

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My mother has these goats, they actually do better against animals then with people. they will butt the dogs out of the pen. If you try to catch one they will stiffen up, but they will let you mess with them with out acting too stressed out, the babies you don't hardly see them 'faint' as they have been around people and are not scared of them. Even her billy does not do it that often.

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I am with you, Anya, taking advantage of a genetic defect so that people can be amused at the odd fainting behavior seems to illustrate the worst of human nature.

I think a lot about human nature. I cannot understand our attraction to certain things. Like I cannot see why we are so interested in stories about the Mafia. Why romanticize people who undermine the social norms and laws in order to take advantage of others? (paying protection, forcing businesses to use mob-run garb age haulers, providing drugs and firearms...) Why put these people up as examples of our society by having so many movies and shows about them? And what is with the focus on sex crimes in network TV? I am talking about all of those CSI shows and whatnot. But we recently made national news in my county because an unfortunate woman was apparently murdered and dismembered by her husband. How can bringing so much attention to this one unfortunate (but inconsequential to 99% of viewers) crime be good for us as a society? It would be one thing if we showed a group of people gathering around the family to provide meals and other assistance. No, instead we get a tour through the woods so we can see where a body part was found. We make events worthy of solemn reflection into circuses. The society is very, very sick.

Oops! I should have said "Warning, Soapbox Ahead!"

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According to articals I have read they were bred because they couldn't jump fences and escape.
But also one of the functions of the fainting goat was/is to use them as sacrificial bait for predators. If you stick a fainting goat in with a flock of sheep, for example, it will keel over when the wolves show up, allowing the sheep time to escape while the wolves strip his stiff, little body of goat-meat.

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Nancy - Well Said! You are close enough to Cananda, you should consider moving their. I'm from MI and have been to Canada numerous times, their society is so much more peaceful then ours. This is demonstrated by their extremly low crime rates, and no crime leads to their news being much more pleasant.

Gee, what a concept!

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the adams - HA! We have looked into it, believe me. I have "Canadian History for Dummies" on my bookshelf. Unfortunately, we may not do it until we retire, but we do consider defecting to Canada all the time. We usually go to the Toronto Film Festival every September (we had to miss last year due to owning two houses and being too busy at work) and we spend 10 days there feeling very at home. Many times the Canadians we meet give us the compliment of saying we sound like we already live there. I catch accents like other people catch viruses.

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I'm so jealous, we are in AZ and I really miss going to Canada. We will be making a major move in a few years and Canada's on our list!

Now for that accent...

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anya, not that we meant to hijack your thread...

I am not sure what I think of the information you learned about bait for predators. I suppose when you have a herd of sheep as part of your income, having a little goat die here and there is a better choice, but it is not so good for the goat! Aren't sheepdogs supposed to help protect the flocks? It seems there could be better choices than having sacrificial goats!

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Those dogs haven't been in this country all that long and they arent the tool for everyone.

We have a few doctors in this area (nwPa.) who came here from canada so they could make a better living, went back to canada because they werent accustomed to working the long hours that MDs work here, then returned to the US to stay now.1 does go home to can. when he can to see his wife who wont move here.

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