Cruelty to Pomeranian

lucky_12February 19, 2008

A company that deals in yellow pages is airing a TV commercial here in southern California. The clip shows a young man holding a Pomeranian on its back sweeping the floor up with the dogÂs fur. I think that is cruel to the dog not at all funny and think it sets a bad example for young people. Am I just being too sensitive?

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Yeah, the dog is righted and trotted off---no big deal to it. My eldest son and a neighbor girl the same age---3---used to carry our male(not neutered) Siamese cat upside down---each child holding two legs---around the yard. Moses never made a peep. But, anyone else even look like they were going to try anything like that got a pair of claws and more.

Many animals will take treatment we consider mistreatment from some humans---but not others.

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One of our shih tzu's likes to lay on her back by our feet so we can slide her back and forth between our feet on the hardwood floor. She finds it relaxing and seems to really enjoy it.

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The dog is probably enjoying the whole thing! Ive dont similar to my JRT and she loves it.

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Whether some animals are alright with it or not i don't think to show it on tv sets a good example at all. kids are kids and they learn from adults.

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I own a Pom and I am fine with the commercial. Mine would love something like that.

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When our eldest son was three, we had a tom Siamese cat who was regularly carried by our son and his playmate---upside down by the cats feet. Cat never protested.

That particular commercial is more silly than anything else. My grandchildren discuss commercials and I have never heard them talk about that one.

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