Yellow damask drapes in FPE Holly Hedge painted bedroom?

threeapplesFebruary 2, 2014

Our bedroom is large and the walls are Fine Paints of Europe Holly Hedge, woodwork is China White. I am toying around with either having drapes made in the same dark green as the walls, a lighter green, a dark inky blue, or a yellow. All the fabrics I like are ridiculously expensive and not an option. But, I've found a few Scalamandre that are a darker golden yellow silk damask and a medium blue. Anyway, any thoughts on these options? For reference, our house is a Georgian style and we are remaining as true as possible to that aesthetic, so nothing contemporary or transitional is an option. Thanks.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I can't find Holly Hedge so I don't know what color the walls are. If you can post a pic or swatch that would be helpful. (I went to FPE site and Holly Hedge is a black square.)

Anyway, recently Arch Digest had an article about The Lindens which is an old house from MA that was moved bit by bit to DC. What I liked about it was they took the historic colors and lightened them up as the brilliant colors used in historic times were meant for candlelight. It was well done. Thought you'd like to see it. Here's an abridged article and if you search for images, I think you may find a few more on line.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Lindens

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Pictures would be helpful.

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FPE Holly Hedge is a very dark green that looks almost black when it has full coverage. Here is the sampling of it.

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It's a very deep bottle green..

I think a shade of green might look nice . If the same , maybe with interesting trim or fringe ?

Otherwise I'd lean toward pink.

Is there a rug?

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I think it depends upon what else you have planned for the room. Rug, bedding, anything else in mind yet?

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That's very beautiful, thank you for the link and photos.

There will be a rug, but I will select that when the room is finished.

I thought about pink, and its still a possibility, but I can't see my husband liking that as we already have a pink dining room.

I've not found a green fabric I love yet.

I thought the contrast between yellow and green would be nice.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Oh I the square wasn't really was Holly Hedge. It is really, really dark.

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I think you have to proceed as if your green is black. Yellow and black in a bedroom---hmmmmm...Probably the same white as your trim would be beautiful. Or, dare I say it--green base chintz. I like chintz.

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