Chocolate being toxic to dogs....

arkansas_girlFebruary 25, 2007

I really thought that everyone by now knew that chocolate can be toxic to a dog if they eat too much but apparently some people just think this is some old wive's tale! I was talking about this to my brother-in-law and he did not believe that there was anything wrong with giving chocolate to a dog and pretty much thought I was full of **** for saying it. WHAT!!!!!? OH and then when I told him that dogs should not eat onions either I believe I blew his mind! HAHA! But really...this is scary since this is a well educated man that is a dog owner and should know better.

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I think it's toxic to some or most dogs. My dog ate at least two pounds of it last year, could have killed her I was so mad, but was also so scared something was going to happen to her. She threw up once but was otherwise fine. Generally the only thing she gets from us are meats and bread crusts but she does have this nasty habit of stealing things off the kitchen counter. I also heard grapes are pretty toxic to dogs. What's the point of giving your dog any sugar if they are brushing their teeth?

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Here's the scoop on chocolate toxicity in dogs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chococlate toxicity in dogs

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Well I've always been told by vets to never ever give chocolate to dogs. I do know of a small dachshund that got into and ate a candy bar that the kid in the house left out...the dog ate it, she survived but she went into convulsions.

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Link to ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center.

While visiting their website you can join for free to receive a free magnet. They have an animal poison control toll free number where a Vet is avaliable 24/7.

Here is a link that might be useful: ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

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arkansasgirl,I knew about the chocolate and grapes but the onions was a complete surprise. Do'nt think mine would touch it anyway tho.

The_adams, thanks for the ASPCA site. i bookmarked it.I could probably spend half a day going through it.

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Somewhere I read that raw potato peels were also toxic, what dog would eat raw peelings? I have preached and preached to hubby about the Chocolate (among other things) but I still catch him trying to sneak Gizmo M&M's. He says they gave it to their poodle George when he was a kid and nothing happened to him, sheesh!
Cookie (I just love that screen name:) they give dogs charcoal to help induce vomiting when they eat chocolate, so it may be of helped her when she vomited.

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Actually, raw potato peels are mildly toxic to humans!

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My long gone first lab ate so much chocolate over the years and never had a problem. I think it depends on the dog, the type of chocolate, etc. I swear he could smell it when I brought it into the house. I never fed it to him, he always got into the pantry when the opportunity presented itself.

Same dog got deathy ill from well intentioned guests at a BBQ each giving the dog a nice piece of pork at a pig roast I hosted. I learned quickly that I needed to lock the dogs up during these kinds of affairs since guests mean well, but there is no way to control how many goodies your dogs get.

I also have been told by my vet that beets are toxic to cats. I know not many people eat them, but we eat alot of roasted beets during the fall/winter months and I had no idea they were toxic to cats. Unfortunately, I have 3 beggar cats who sit by the table waiting for someone to drop something!

Nowadays, I am careful that the pets eat only dog/cat food. The dogs occasionally get a marrow bone which has been cooked, all fat cleaned out, and well rinsed. They love it! The marrow bones only happen during the months of the year when they can eat them outside, since they make a greasy mess no matter how well you rinse them!

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My grandfather had a bassett that ate half of a hershey milk chocolate bar everyday of the week. He and my grandfather would split a chocolate bar and sit on the deck in the evening and bond. The dog passed away of old age.
I've worked for several vets that give little bits of milk chocolate here and there to their own pets. They all say a little milk chocolate in moderation is fine but have all agreed to stay away from onions and grapes.
The link meghane provided is great!

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Do I know your grandfather? The somewhat grouchy guy at the Mt. Clemens dog park who turned out to be a real sucker for Bassett Hounds and ended up with two more after his old girl who ate chocolate died of old age? Maybe Bassetts, old men, and chocolate bars just go together. lol

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Dark chocolates and baking chocolates are far more toxic because of higher concentrations of whatever the stuff is in it that is bad. Sorry folks have gone brain dead on exactly what that is at the moment.


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methylxanthine & theobromine both.

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I really don't understand why anyone would give chocolate to a dog even if it weren't toxic's not an appropriate treat for a dog. People shouldn't be giving sweet treats to dogs...there are treats that dogs would love just as much as a sweet treat that are healthy...are we trying to kill our pets by slow death or what? We aren't doing "Fido" any favors my giving them junk food!

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arkansas_girl, same could be said for ourselves.

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Nancy in Mich- that is too funny about the old grouch with the bassetts!
Sadly, my grandfather passed away about 10 years ago due to cancer. He was never grouchy and always pleasant. After his bassett passed away he never got another pet. What is so ironic is that my grandfather lived in Mich (traverse city.)

Hope all is well and thanks for responding! Glad to see you're still on here!

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