I Need To Pick A Dishwasher - Yesterday

aloha2009February 10, 2013

After a few weeks of trying to trouble shoot why are DW wasn't cleaning the dishes, the pump started leaking and our question was answered.

I thought I knew exactly what I wanted until I went to purchase it. Now I'm torn.

We know we want Bosch - that helps.

My DH is fine with either purchase but I'm debating between mostly about an aesthetic issue.

We are most likely going with IKEA's gnosjo black/brown cabinet doors. I was originally going to purchase the dull black fronts that Bosch has but when I put the cabinet door up to it, IMO it clashed with the cabinet. Others mentioned this might happen. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not seeing it in it's true ultimate setting but comparing two unmatched items. I originally thought once everything was in the kitchen (cabinets, windows, handles etc.) a black DW would just fade into the cabinets and perhaps it would. This DW would be about $460

That said, I started thinking more about getting the bosch integrated one. Part of me is reluctant though knowing how much abuse a dishwasher front often takes and the cabinet door being able to handle it. I've considered purchasing an extra cabinet door ($27) as an "insurance" policy. The bosch we are looking at is $715. It has some extra features and some that are missing from the lower priced model.

I REALLY don't like SS but I think it could look nice.

I'm a value girl, but not everything is equal enough to compare. Everyday we don't decide is another day we do dishes by hand.

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I wouldn't worry about the integrated one if the doors are wood. Mine are 6 years old and we went with panels. DH and DS are slobs in the kitchen and the white doors have held up great. Stained wood can be touched up even easier. If they are a laminated finish, it might be a good idea to have a spare door. That's pretty cheap insurance. I also think you get a better DW when you get into the midline. From what I have seen, folks who spend $700-1000 or more on a DW are generally happier than those who spend $500 and less.In the long run, it's cheaper to buy one better model that lasts a long time than to buy 2 or 3 cheaper ones and/or pay for repairs. It's also nicer to be happier with them and to be able to hear everything over them.

If you went with stainless, I'd look at how easily the surface of that particular model shows smudges and drips.

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Integrated is no problem, even the stainless panel from IKEA went right on the front of my friend's Miele. She picked out a nice polished stainless handle.
I would pick a Miele over Bosch. Check the Appliance forum.

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Lascatz- good point about the different price points. That said the lower priced one w/o all the price breaks is $600 regular price. The integrated is normally $900. The $600 one though has 2 nice features, a quick wash & a delicate cycle for china. But I definately like the front panel look. If we go with the gnosjo is a laminated finish.

Dan, good to know that IKEA's panel works well with other brands. Meile is out for what we want to spend.

I wish I could find a "smoking" gun as to which of these two.

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I purchased the Kitchenaide Supurba Series and Love it. I wanted a Bosch but with them a bit smaller inside I switched to the KA,like the Bosch it does have the upper 3rd rack . It is sooooo quiet I am always checking to make sure I turned it on.

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I generally consider appliance prices at normal selling prices or frequently available sale prices. Dishwashers are not one of those things you can't buy on sale, so I wasn't talking list price.

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A Classic G4275SCv[ is about 1k and takes a panel.I have a several year old Diamonte that replaced a 35 year old Hobart Kitcheaid. Buying a replacement for one with a leaky pump failure is something I'm paying a little more to avoid. Like the Hobart which never needed service. Getting something every 5 years costs more as soon as you buy the second machine. Mine was lightly used off Craigs for 700.

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I really feel comfortable with getting the Bosch brand after doing a lot of research both in Consumer Reports and on GW.

The KA sticks out a little bit too far being that we're going with slab cabinets and would disrupt the smoothness if I went with a front cabinet cover.

Dan, I think you did a typo for the model because I couldn't find the one you suggested. Bosch though is rated extremely well. Our old piece of junk (purchased by the PO) was 16 years old, so I would consider that acceptable.

Spending the extra $ for items that don't contribute to the reason for the appliance (ie looks), is really the thing I'm struggling with.

We're calling Bosch tomorrow to make sure it can take the size panel IKEA has since it's a tad wider then recommended. It seems like it should work though.

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Integrated Bosch dishwashers are especially well suited for being fully covered by door panels, because they use condensation drying with no exterior venting, so the wood panel won't be susceptible to damage from hot, moist air seeping or being fan-blown outside the dishwasher during the dry cycle, and as previously mentioned, are a bit shorter than typical front-to-back than some brands (particularly Whirlpool-built such as Kitchenaid or Jenn-Air) which sometimes results in the dishwasher protruding from the rest of your cabinets, depending on what kind of cabinets you have and the lack of even slight protrusions on the back wall. Also, the higher-end Bosch dishwashers are the quietest available, and clean well. Miele is excellent too and I prefer their rack design on their higher-end models, but they're considerably more expensive than Bosch.

I'm guessing Dan's Hobart-era Kitchenaid was still working when it was removed. I see more of them still working in old homes than all other brands combined. Those old KitchenAids were indestructible. The only ones I've ever replaced were when the homeowner wanted something that looked newer or could be used with a full-coverage cabinet door, not because it was broken.

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In case anyone wanted to know what we ended up doing, I thought I'd fill you in.

In struggling to find out how to install the Bosch cabinet door and not getting them to call me back, I started looking at alternatives. As the days wore on, I even started looking at CL. We ended up finding an 8 year old black DW that someone gave to us for free. It's actually the best quality DW we've ever had. DH hooked it up last night and we ran it through a cycle this morning. Everything seems to be working fine.

It's good enough to get us by for now and we can install it into our someday new kitchen (providing it's still working). I can then decide if it gives me the look I'm going after or I need to upgrade to a cabinet front. Figuring I'll need to replace it someday, I may just get a front panel for the DW when I have the other cabinets installed, so I don't have to be concerned with the fronts being discontinued.

Thanks everyone. It's nice to come across a bargain and something that will get me by for awhile in my soon to be taken out kitchen.

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Sounds perfect. The better DW will spoil you, but that's okay. I've come to the point where I'd rather have a good one or a drying rack than anything in the middle. Enjoy your find.

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