Need to do more patching after 1st coat of paint, should I wait?

nearthestars333September 30, 2011

Hi, I usually find the answers to most my questions by searching the forum. I can't seem to find the answer to my current question though.

I recently started painting my office. I was surprised to find that what looked like a bad drywall job was actually joint compound used to cover up two layers of wallpaper that covered painted plaster coated blue-board. Instead of adding yet another layer to the mix I scraped back to the plaster. I tested the walls with a cotton swab that had rubbing alcohol on it and believe the walls were painted with oil- based paint. This is what I have done so far:


Patched and sanded

Lightly sanded the entire walls


Primed (using oil-based primer)

1 Coat of Latex paint

Now that I have a solid color on the walls, I see a couple places that need more patching. I'm afraid that if I patch now when I sand I will damage the fresh coat of latex, because latex tends to be gummy.

Would any one with a similar experience have insight into whether I should wait for the paint to cure before patching. If so how long would that be? Also, should I use oil based primer or latex primer to prime the patches?

I know, that's a lot of info. I just want to make sure I give all the information needed.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Wait a day or 2 till it hardens and go ahead , patch, sand, clean, prime( with the same oil, re-paint

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