Rough kitchen layout -- please help!

sanveannFebruary 8, 2013

We just got back our preliminary design from our home designer, and overall, I LOVE them. However, I don't know about the kitchen.

Here's the layout:

(You can see the whole house here, if you want to see it in relation to the other rooms.)

The sink seems a little far from the fridge and the range, don't you think? And I'm worried that this isn't enough counter space, but my husband thinks it looks like plenty. I have a hard time visualizing what something 2D will look like in 3D. (Plus, hopefully we'll have places to store all the crap that's cluttering our counters in our current house!)

Also, in an ideal world, the pantry would be more accessible directly off the kitchen, but there were so many things that I just haaaaaaaaad to have "right off the kitchen" that I had to make a sacrifice somewhere!

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sanveann-not an expert but the main thorough fair looks to have both the fridge and range on them. Think kids running through while the doors are open. You might want to try to protect the range area better.

Congrats on getting plans kicked off. How exciting! :)

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Given the layout... I think I'd prefer the frig at the top of that run, scoot the range down toward the bar more, and put a prep sink in the bar. Then you'd have a delineated cooking zone and a separate cleanup zone. The bar would be functional and the frig more accessible to the table if you need to grab a drink without having to walk past the cook.

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There is room for the island with seating in the middle of the kitchen. And I find that an extremely odd configuration as well. There also doesn't appear to be enough clearance between the kitchen and the adjacent eating area. Angles look interesting, but they are horrible space wasters. And a G shaped kitchen can work, but it's also one of the worst when it comes to traffic flow for multiple users. The only way to make that work better is to have the fridge be as close to the perimeter edge of the kitchen as possible so you don't have traffic into it while you are working.

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I think closing the kitchen off to that hall and making the main prep area a U shape with separate cleanup and prep locations would allow you to have multiple workers and multiple snackers as well as through traffic that wouldn't be a safety hazard.

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What bugs me is that the pantry doesn't open into the kitchen. Even if travel distance was the sme, I think it would one of those things that would annoy me three times a day!


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