Snow!! Lots of it!!! and more coming!!

marie_ndcalMarch 4, 2013

Knew this was coming got about 6 inches from last night, and more coming now 21 above and all the schools in the area are closed. Roads recommended no traveling and wind blowing. Some areas in the state worst, especially the northern tier areas.
Marie from ND

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We were supposed to get snow and ice. Got a little freezing rain last night, but only enough to lightly glaze the sidewalks. Roads are fine.

It is just downright scary how EVERY chance of precip misses us, and has for almost two years now.

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Got about 2 inches this morning, and that's enough for me!

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Snow and rain coming in on Wednesday here in NJ.

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We're expecting 8-12 starting tonight. Farmers need it so we'll just have to grin and bear it. I know what I'll be doing on my day off. Snowblowing.

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Got about 1" in the Twin Cities so far, but more expected into tomorrow.

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We made a Costco run this morning. DH got in a few things right after we got home after being gone for two months, but we're to have about six inches of snow tomorrow. Also got our Westie groomed today. I *think* we are *ready*!

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Road advisories--NO travel recommended for about 1/2 of the state (the northern and western area) and everything cancelled or closed. We are having tournaments that just got postponed.
Marie from ND
Wonder how the other two gals in ND are doing.

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Just looked out the door....snowing sideways in Colorado Springs

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I woke up to about 10 inches of new snow. I dug out the mudroom steps and front deck; Wes blew the driveway before he went to work.

Now there's another 5-6" of more snow already piled up.

Wes didn't Sno-blow the perimeter around the backyard fence so Sam went "over the top." Now I have to take him out on a leash until Wes gets all the snow pushed back from the fence.

I think the first spring project will involve taking this old chain-link fence out and putting in a 6-ft. chain link.

We need the moisture; I'd love to see the drought broken, so come on snow!

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Seems like there has been a lot of snow in certain areas like ND, IA, KS, etc. I'm wondering how your sand/salt supply is holding up? Hope you are stay safe and warm.

And remember, it's March so spring will soon be here. It was 30 degrees in central FL this morning, and frost on the roofs and grass, so I guess the whole nation is in the deep freeze!

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Too stinkin much here on my side of ND! 9 inches was one persons amount. 12 inches a few miles south of me.

I am crying UNCLE.UNCLE. UNCLE!!!!!!!

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Here in Chicago we are getting our third Tuesday snow storm. They are telling us that we will have 10+ inches by Wednesday morning. Schools are closing, and I will be working from home. I am wimping out. A 3 hour commute is just nuts when I normally have 30 to 45 minutes.

I too am crying Uncle.

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Thinking about you!

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Snowing like crazy right now in the Twin Cities and lots of schools closing. Snow day for me!

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I just read that DC to Philly is supposed to get a lot of heavy, wet snow + wind. Power outages are expected. We dodged the bullet farther north, with just 1-3" predicted to arrive here.

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We are bracing for 12"++ here in the mountains. Grrrrrrr

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Light but steady snow started here at 6:45 a.m. It's expected to continue until midnight. There's little wind, so maybe we won't have power troubles.

We really need the moisture, and think how awful it would be if this were floods of rain! If we get ten inches in Chicagoland we'll reach 'average' for a winter snowfall.

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Well, they changed our forecast. Snow didn't start until after 6 am, storm warning started at 9 am. So I am one of the very few in the office. Even people who live 5 minutes away stayed home......

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Well according to the weather person last night, we got 12 inches in this storm and still was snowing. Son in law did get the driveway clean and they both went to work today. Some areas got less. That was on top of what we had already. Nothing now until Thur, and that is not much. Maybe spring will be here soon, the birds are sure fussing to make nest or something.

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So far we don't have any snow. I heard it is saying it is suppose to start around 7 this evening. I think we are kind of on the edge of all of it. I'm going into the grocery in a minute to pick up a few things. I've got my sewing all lined out if I get bored with staying in. We are ready for most anything. Hubby has the wood all brought in. I made some soup, a cheeseball, chicken salad and a yummy fruit salad. Sounds like we won't starve. Hope everyone stays safe.

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Still steady snow here in St. Paul: maybe 7-8 inches accumulation so far. I'm about to put on my serious parka and venture out for a several block walk to the Y.

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Bring it on. I still don't know what we're getting. We have had NONE to speak of all winter. Bare ground. An inch or so here and there. We will get a few inches, maybe more depending on track. I guess I'll hit the store and library in case.

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It is 4:30 pm and the boss kicked me out at 1 pm. So far we have over 6 inches near o'hare airport and more coming down. We have plowed once and a neighbor is out with his tractor doing the whole block. I know other nieghbors will come out later also. We all help each other out with plowing and also do a few "widow ladies" walks.

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Our snow hasn't started yet, but should be coming by Midnight and is supposed to snow all day tomorrow--at least 8", maybe 12-16". Ouch!

The TV weather guys are in their element; they're performing a valuable service by informing us about the potentials, but, at the same time, I think the "actor" comes out in them, and they can't help "pouring it on"! In our area, it may be 50 degrees by Sat. Then, we'll have to worry about flash floods!

To all affected--me, included--stay safe, warm, and inside, if possible.

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We got one more inch overnight, so maybe seven inches total 30 miles north of Chicago. We could still have some flurries off the lake. Our plow guy came twice to do the driveway. (Pretty short of the 11" predicted!)

Glad we flew in March 1st instead of yesterday. We could have been riding the trams 'round and 'round DFW airport.

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zero for our section of fact, sun for 2 days! dd not so lucky in south bend...

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A couple hours ago on the radio weather report they said we have 19 inches.. It is still snowing, and the sun is shining, temp is 36ð so that will change.

It is one of those picture post cards type snows. Just beautiful, and for the most part here, undisturbed. An advantage of living in a retirement community, hardly anyone goes out in this weather, so it stays pristine.

But, my Directv is down! I've tried the reset thing, but it didn't work.

Sue, in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

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The three Pittsburgh tv channels were predicting1 to 2 inches of snow overnight for us here 30 miles north of the city. One of them late last night changed it to maybe 1 to 3. At 7 this morning there was 7 to 8 inches of very heavy wet snow all over everything. It was so pretty! It is diminishing fast though, temperature now at 40 and lots of sunshine.

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We were under a storm watch for four-eight inches. As usual nothing but 8 flakes if that. Schools are closed and nothing!!! We have had zero snow this year while almost everywhere in the country has gotten snow.

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Boy, I sure got a shock to this old body....I've been in Florida for 6 weeks, wonderful, warm weather BUT had to come home today...Leaving 70+ sun and flying into 30 and snow is not fun.....
I even begged the pilot to turn around....

What happened to that early spring that Phil had predicted???

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We've now been downgraded to 2" or less.

Got plenty of rain and the wind was strong enough to knock over a neighbors tree onto our fence. It's only two years old. Neighbors just moved here in December and they couldn't be nicer.

We both checked with our respective insurance companies, and as we suspected, wind damage is covered BUT only after the first $7,000.00 Since it's only a small section I doubt it will be over $400 if that.

Neighbor is being kind enough to have his tree guy come and cut up the tree and get it out of our yard. Plus he has a wood burning fireplace, so he can make good use of it.

Nice to have good neighbors like that.

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We're MELTING! We're MELTING! Very nice to have a good layer of snow that is slowing melting now that it is 40F and sunny in Chicagoland. The robins are 'at it' out there! LOL

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