honing existing granite

young-gardenerFebruary 24, 2014

We are in the process of purchasing a home with glossy granite countertops (black). I'm wondering if anyone has had an experience with honing in-place counters. I'd like to both remove the little 4-inch back piece and hone the counters.

Possible? Crazy expensive? Super messy?

Thanks for your input!

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My fear would be you've got dyed granite. There are tests, but once you commit to a hone, you're getting a hone no matter how inconsistent the stone may reveal itself.

I wouldn't hire anybody that charged less than a thousand dollars.

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Sophie Wheeler

And I wouldn't do it in place. The very abrasive dust (basically sand) gets everywhere and damages everything it touches, from drawer glides to the finish of your floors.

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The level of dust depends on the quality and design of the equipment used and the skill of the operator. I would never guarantee a top being removed from breakage which will cost extra to repair, especially if I hadn't installed it. Add another thousand to pull it and reinstall.

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We thought about having our island honed because the granite is so rough and sheds (long story) but they told us even if they took it to the shop that the brackets that hold it in place while the machine works over it would keep the edges from being honed. They have to hone it before it is cut so that part won't show. But that is what our fabricator said here in our part of town. Could be different equipment in your area.

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If you can't live with it, replace it entirely. Don't attempt to alter it in your home.

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Thanks, everyone! We can certainly live with it, just not "love" it. At least it's neutral! It sounds like it would be quite a mess to tackle this project, and probably a bigger investment than it's worth given that it's not what we would have picked ourselves.

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