Advance vs. Impervo

davisgardAugust 24, 2011

I went to my local ACE store to buy Benjamin Moore's waterborne Impervo for some trim work, and they didn't have it--it has been replaced by a new version, called Advance. The paint person said Advance is supposed to be better, with fewer brush marks.

Has anyone used it?

My concern is that the can says to clean up with soap and water and then mineral spirits. I generally try to avoid oil paints (to the extent they can even be bought in California) because of the use of mineral spirits--there really isn't any environmentally good way to dispose of the used mineral spirits. Any thoughts on that aspect of Advance?

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Advance is not a replacement for WB Satin Impervo, it's a different product altogether. WBSI is an acrylic, Advance is a waterborne alkyd (cleans up with soap and water). Both can produce excellent results but they go about it quite differently. WBSI handles like a typical 100% acrylic but is a bit thinner and prone to dripping if you overload the brush while Advance goes on like an alkyd - heavier with much longer open time. Both have a bit of a learning curve but it's worth the effort.

As for mineral spirits, most brush makers suggest a final rinse in mineral spirits but it's not necessary.

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I use satin impervo the all the time for cabinets, great product! I won't use advance because the dry time is the same as an oil paint and it actually yellows like an oil, substantially so even after few months!. As told to me by fellow contractor. Also rust scat from Coronado is good and muralo ultra is excellent

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