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lilodJanuary 14, 2007

"FREE - Pitbull/Wolf mix puppies"

who would want to take a chance? This is worse than puppy-mills, IMHO

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That sounds like a very dangerous mix, more from the pitbull than the wolf. both are unpredictable tho.
I just can't help but think there ought to be a law against that mix.

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This is a very bad mix that would require a very experienced person, that really knows all breeds of dogs.


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I'm sure some "genius" mixed these two breeds on's probably desirable with the same type people that teach their pits to fight. We have to realize that some people don't have much sense! It probably would not be a bad idea to report this to your local Humane Society, that's probably not legal. I mean some areas don't even allow Pits in certain city limits!

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miami-Dade county florida, population 2 plus million is one of those places they are not legal.

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I would bet it's bogus to begin with. Where did they come by the wolf, if they did have a wolf chances of them making that cross are slim, wolves aint cheap, even wok hybrids are costly. It would be a bad cross for dog fights, a wolf would not be a likely cross as they would rather flee than fight.
Its just a gimmick to try and get rid of some mongrel pups hoping some wannabe tough guy/gal will want them.

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Of course, the "wolf" is a wolf-cross, and even though they are no longer legal, there are folks who have them. It is genuine, I am sure. Likely there are tweakers involved, they do live in a world all their own.

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Yes, there are wolves kept captive around these mountains. I have seen some at homes in various places. I love wolves tho don't know if i would want one. I love to see abt the wolves grown up in Wisconsin but i can't remember all the details right now.

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Oh duh, I thought it was short for Irish Wolfhound.

I was wondering to myself why that was such a dangerous mix :-)

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