Can you successfully paint a Pella or Andersen storm door?

ctlady_gwAugust 12, 2013

We're having our house painted (exterior) and would like to change the color of the front door from white to a deep red. We also want to replace the "vintage" (read: old, beaten up) 1960-era screen door with either a Pella or Andersen full-view storm door, but wonder if anyone has any experience with painting either of these doors. We're hoping one of the company colors (both companies make a wine/cranberry red) will work, but we might need to custom match the storm door to the new door color if we don't like the available colors the manufacturers offer. Has anyone done this? If so, what's the best technique to use?

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I would use a very low stipple roller, but you should only do this as a last resort. Even if the color doesn't match, painting a door that gets opened and closed all the time that is meant to be maintenance free is just asking for trouble.

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take it to an auto body shop.

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That's a good point paintguy... and gracie. I actually just came across a photo of a red door behind a white, full view storm (looks like a Pella maybe), all in a white door unit (i.e., white side lites, lintel, frame, etc.) which is exactly what we have ... and it looks quite decent. The storm ends up looking like part of the trim from a distance and the red of the door -- assuming we choose a rich red -- should still pack the visual punch we're looking for. (The house is a soft gray with charcoal shutters otherwise, and we wanted to introduce some color.)

And paintguy's point -- about the use of the door and applying a layer of paint to an otherwise maintenance-free finish -- makes a lot of sense. I think I was overly concerned that framing the door with the storm would reduce the amount of visible color (the red) from the door by too much -- but it really doesn't. So instead of focusing on trying to change the storm color, I think we'll focus on finding the one with the slimmest frame to maximize the amount of red door visible through it, and just getting it in white.

Thanks so much to you both!

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Andersen used to have very specific instructions for painting their products. I recommend you check with them.

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