Expired shortening -- would you use it?

stir_fryiNovember 3, 2009

I am home with two sick kids today. I was thinking about making peanut butter cookies. My only shortening is two of those Crisco shortening sticks that are in the foil containers unopened. They say "best if used by Aug 2, 2009" on them -- do you think they are still ok to use since they have not been opened? I drive to the store is out of the question today....

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I would taste it...the problem is rancidity which would make the cookies taste awful....but I dout that will happen in 3 months....that stuff has to be way full of preservatives!
But taste the crisco before you mix in a lot of sugar and other good stuff.
Don't you have any margerine or butter? You could use either of those things....but I think the crisco will be OK.
Linda C

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I would use it. It seems to last forever.

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Use it! I just threw away a rancid can of Crisco,believe me when I tell you that if it's rancid, you'll smell it. :-P

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Why take a chance??? Use Butter .

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Lou, I don't think that butter and vegetable shortening are always interchangeable. Depends on the recipe.

As long as it doesn't smell rancid (and as compumom said, you will KNOW when it is rancid), it should be fine to use.

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This must be why my mom keeps her shortening in the refrigerator.

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Since they are still in their foil containers, I don't expect that they would have gotten rancid. I think that usually takes exposure to oxygen or bacteria. Plus it is only a few months past its "best if used by" date.

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"Slightly rancid" affects the flavor way before it gets to the "ewww!" stage.
Rancid fats come from oxigination...exposure to air...so chances are large that the wrapped stuff isn't rancid.
And saturated fats resist getting rancid better than unsaturated fats....so unless it's that new Crisco with all the unsaturated fats....you are probably safe from nasty Crisco.
Linda C

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Well I used it. It smelled fine to me. The cookies were excellent! I made them in my new range on convection bake. My best recipe for this is from my Betty Crocker cookbook that calls for 1/4 C shortening and 1/4 butter and only 1 egg.

I just wish they weren't so fattening.....

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