Getting rid of mice - once and for all

bibboJanuary 12, 2011

We have mice.

I have killed many with the wooden traps

Dont want to use poison but I will. Thinking about the ultrasonic method

like this one:

Any one have any insight on the best method...I am over this.

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The ultrasonic thingies don't work. We had a huge infestation in a camper that we had stored at our farm and didn't want to use poison. We would have had to get hundreds of traps. We tried the ultrasonic things, dryer sheets, etc. They did a huge amount of damage (eating everything in the cabinets and even the dish towels) and ate the brakes and insulation in the camper. Got a cat in there -- problem solved. Before we got the cat, they or other rodents destroyed a truck by eating all the electronic wires and several pieces of farm machinery.

Since we weren't living on our farm at the time, the cat had to be fed just on weekends and had access to the camper. Now we live at our farm full-time and would never be without outdoor cats!!! (BTW, we have 7 of them currently - all spayed/neutered and they are worth their weight in gold. This spring, I expect that number will increase since people tend to dump their kittens and pg cats on farm people.)

If you don't want a cat full time, just borrow one for a couple of weeks. Even if it doesn't catch all the mice, just its scent will get them out of there fast.

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