Dumped Puppies

acornJanuary 27, 2007

Yesterday while walking my dogs we ran across two puppies wandering at the end of our road. They were delighted to see my dogs and me. I thought they must have strayed from one of the houses at that end of the road. I couldn't leave them there so I walked them home with my dogs. I left found dog notices at the post office and at both ends of our road. When I went to the feed store to leave a notice. Meadow asked me if they looked like boxer/rottie pups. I said yes she told me they were Roy's pups. I said good I'll call him. She then told me that Roy had tried to leave them at the feed store, she told him to take them to animal control. Roy told her they were dumped at his place. On the walk Roy had passed me in his truck he waved both times he drove by me. They are re dumped puppies. The ba$tard! Right now they are with me at the feed store, I just vaccinated and wormed them, hope to find them a home soon. What would you do in such a sad situation?

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You're not going to like this...

Unless Roy owns the mother who whelped these puppies, I would not say anything negative to him about them. Instead, since he cared enough to pick them up in the first place, know that the AC would probably euthanize them if they were not adopted pronto and decided to try another route (unsuccessfully), but did not care enough to take any more effort than he did, I would say:

"Hi Roy, how are you doing? Hey, I picked up those two puppies that Meadow saw you with, they were loose on the road. Next time you find a poor, lost pet, just give me a call and I'll come get them."

You can then take them to AC (probably not a good idea, or you would not be worming and vaccinating them yourself), find a rescue for them, or rehome (or (first-home) them yourself!

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Nancy you are right, I did talk to Roy. He could have shot them and is going to help find them a home. He is tired of finding abandond animals at his place. I have the animals I can support so I will find them a forever home. Animal control does not come out here unless they have too much time on their hands and they destroy animals right away so that is my choice only when the found animal is sick.

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Good News Good News!! The owner of the puppies came into the feed store, he heard his pups were here. They were reunited with the whole family, kids were so happy. He took their harnesses off and they disappered three days ago. In this country a three day missing dog that didn't get picked up by someone isn't likley to be seen again. Today is my birthday and I couldn't have gotten a better present.

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Great news! And how did we get the same birthday? Happy Birthday! Mine is 1959.

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Is'nt it great to see happy endings these days
or anytime.

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Happy Birthday Nancy. Mine is 1948 Not quite the same but close enough.

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