Urgent help needed (goats and chickens)

sgr215January 17, 2008

I'm taking care of my neighbors goats and chickens and I'm in a bind. I'm basically supposed to feed them and make sure they have water. Unfortunately we recently got hit by a somewhat major snow/ice storm. I'm concerned about their safety. I was given a cell phone to call in case of any problems but no ones picking up so I've turned to this forum. Here's a few questions I have:

Will the goats be fine outside even if its over six inches of snow, below freezing temps, and really icy at night?

The chickens get locked into an enclosed little house at night. Since they are so small will they be alright even if the snow is almost as tall as them? Will they still be able to get to their food and water?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! These animals are basically pets and I'm a bit worried about them. :(

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Finally got a hold of the owner and found out what to do. I also noticed I placed this in the wrong forum, sorry!

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I'm glad you got a hold of the owner... there is a farm forum on the garden side that would be a great source for answers like this...

Chickens need to be kept warm...usually with a heat lamp.

Goats would probably be okay, but should have some shelter, at a minimum a wind break.

And you would need to make sure their food and water isn't frozen...

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Thanks for the help. The chickens go into a heated little house at night. The goats also have a heated little house and even a heated water bucket they drink out of. Theres also a pet duck, but according to the owner it doesn't mind the weather and is fine no matter where it ends up. (inside the heated house or outside) So far all the animals seem fine and the owner comes back tomorrow so it looks like mission accomplished, LOL. =]

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