Sherwin Williams vs. Benjamin Moore, how many coats and painters

diy_novice_23August 30, 2010

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Which is of better quality and easier to use? Which specific type within the product line is recommended ( Duration, Aura ). We are looking for an eggshell or satin finish. How many coats over a primer are needed if the walls are a smooth finish? Would you recommend using painters tape? I've heard it can peel off the paint or possibly fall off even if using the blue delicate 3M tape. I would be willing to freehand the edges if needed.

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Good day, many people perfer ben moore over sherwin however both r good qualiry paints however sherwin doesn't have an eggshell and their satin looks like a semi gloss I personally like durons paints which is now owned by sherwin. As for the tapeing I personally would say freehand is the best but if you want fresh crisp lines find some frog tape I haven't tried it but it has something on the edges that resists the latex paint but whatever tape you use as a rule of thumb dry brush the edge, this helps ensure there is no seapage under the tape, and pull the tape as you go usualy once I get to a corner I pull the tape off yes you will have to re tape but this way you don't pull the paint off. I would do this process 2 times before rolling only because when you dry brush it doesn't cover well and then you do your 3rd cut in and roll the 2nd coat

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I would avoid Sherwin Williams paint like the plague. The only time I use it is for alkyd paints. Otherwise I use Valspar as we don't have a BM paint store in town.

SW is not rated well by Consumer Reports in all their paints. And, my BFF just hired a professional painter to paint the inside of the house and he used SW. She tried to gently clean a section of wall and the paint started to come off. The SW rep showed up and found that the paints were faulty so they paid the painter to repaint the entire house with their Duration interior paint. I tried to warn them!!

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I'm a professional and I use tape...nothing with frogs on it though. If you blade your tape down properly at the back edge with a flexible putty knife, your paint bleed should be minimal. It is best to freehand ceiling lines though if you have a steady hand. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams both make quality paints. I don't use SW much, but I believe their Duration is their best paint for interior walls...I don't like it much though because it has a gritty dried paint film. Benjamin Moore Aura is their best, but their Regal line is pretty good too. A primer plus two coats is the best system to use with any washable paint, though usually two finish coats is sufficient. Consumer Reports has been under fire for the validity of their paint rankings for's pretty much discarded as a valid source by all painting professionals.

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Benjamin Moore Aura is what I've used and it is wonderful. I would recommend 2 coats but if any paint is going to be capable with 1 coat it is this one. With tape just make sure to pull it off (the blue tape) while your paint is still wet, and do it carefully.

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I recently used SW Cashmere in our bedroom and absolutly LOVED it!!! I used the flat finish and it has such a rich look to it. Went on better than BM Regal (which I usually use). Think I will be using SW from now now :)

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