White Dove vs Cloud White vs Simply White

sweetbabyjames5August 9, 2011

I've narrowed my cabinet color down to these three BM colors. The problem is, I've looked at them so many times, that I cannot tell the difference! I am looking for a whiter white but definitely not stark white and not cream. My kitchen faces west, so lots of light in the afternoon, but not much any other time. How would you rank these in order from whitest to creamiest? (and feel free to throw other suggestions out there if I've missed something!)

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I painted my cabinets last summer, my house faces south, so I get lots of sun too. I got samples of White Dove and 3 others that I cannot recall (probably what you mentioned or close). I did not like White Dove on the swatch at all, but I kept an open mind.

I painted all 4 on poster boards and looked at them for a few days and did a process of elimination. White Dove won!

I LOVE the way my cabinets look.....white without being stark, but no undertones.

I used Cabinet Coat paint from BM and they tinted it White Dove for me.

Hope that helps....

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That is a great idea. I think I'll do the same. All these decisions!!!!! I feel like I'm losing my mind. Thanks for your help!

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>>>>> All these decisions!!!!! I feel like I'm losing my mind. Thanks for your help

I know....I felt the same way. Are these cabinets you are painting yourself?

You are welcome.

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Baileyandbella, do you have pictures of your BM white Dove Cabinets to share?I had spent hours and picked BM Cloud White but now I am having second thoughts since my other room has dark Brazilian Cherry Floors and BM Bone White walls with no much white but the baseboard trim. I am thinking a white not as white would look better but not too creamy since my new tiles do not look that great with creamy. I have decided to paint the cabinets and not get new cabinets for now and if I don't like the way the end up, I will save for new cabinets.

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