carrara marble counter tops installed today!

shkishFebruary 3, 2012

I've been looking forward to today's install for a very long time. So I should be over the moon, but truthfully I feel crestfallen... It's not so much disappointment with the countertops as it is with the overall progress on the house. We are supposed to close on and move in on Feb.10... The closing may happen, but the moving in may be pushed off a bit. Delays upon delays this last month, ugh! Fortunately we have had a pretty great experience so far.

I may be just a tad let down with the countertops since I have been so keyed up about them... But it could be that i'm overwhelmed and I can't see the whole picture yet.

Note: behind island, in pantry/microwave/snack wall we are still figuring out how to remedy the bad call my cabinet rep made by ordering a 24" drawer base for a 30" opening... right now they have the wrong color fillers in which the installers THINK they can paint to match. Marble will be the counter material here too. The OTR type microwave will be hung under the middle upper cabinet. Obviously the cabinet installers are STILL not finished.

Oh and I think the island lights need to be lowered a bit. Should probably call manufacture about ordering 2 more extension rods.

My major disappointment so far is the way-too-big bottom moulding on the upper cabinets. I SO wish I'd told them to hold it up for me BEFORE they installed it. Nothing would have been better than THAT.

Marble thresholds our stone guy made for us. They are entirely TOO high, so our builder is going to remedy this...

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It looks great....I love the marble. Yours cabs are very nice too. I think u may be right...ur overwhelmed and it is hard when there is all the dust, wood, cardboard on the floors. It will be beautiful!

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Your marble is lovely! I agree with the pp, you can't see the forest for the trees right now. I don't think your light rail is too big...but if it bugs you, I imagine that is an easy fix. They can just pop that sucker off and put on a smaller one! ((hugs)) it will all be over soon and you will be loving your new space!

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Beautiful kitchen. Patience though, you have to give yourself time - and when everything is in and you can sit back and admire your creation you will see how gorgeous it actually is. Flooring etc will make a huge difference. I'll take it if you don't want it! :-)

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Thanks all!
I know I should be patient and I do know how fortunate I am to be able to have these worries! It's just I've been so sure about everything... And now there are 2 or 3 decisions I am questioning and nervous about. Yes, they are super nit picky, but my chosen profession is architecture, so I guess I will continue to obsess!

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Oh... This is just beautiful! And I love the softness of your island color with the perimeter white and marble. I agree that it's hard sometimes to step out and see the big picture when there are still a million little decisions to be made. But, I am loving everything I see so far! Your marble tops are lovely and I, too, feel that bottom cabinet trims are fine. I kind of like how it balances out your mouldings up above. But, a trim is easy to replace if it's not to your liking. And that marble threshold... Little details like those (once ironed out) are what will make your kitchen special! Deep breathe... Tackle one thing at a time... You'll be enjoying your space soon!

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I love the colors and the marble is gorgeous. I know it is nerve wracking, but it will be fine.

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I think your marble looks beautiful- and love it with that color!
I think I'll be just like you. I tend to get so excited about things and hype it up in my head and then when the reality happens I feel let down and get anxious. Later I always love it but it takes awhile to "get there". Enjoy your beautiful kitchen when it's finished!

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It's just beautiful!!! Love your choices! So sorry for the little surprises you weren't planning on. I know how you feel and hope it will go smoothly resolving them : )

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Could you please tell me what color you used to paint the island?
I think it is ALL beautiful! I had a meltdown yesterday, so I can empathise....just too many questions to deal with at one time!!
I REALLY look forward to seeing it finished! It is classy and gorgeous!


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It really looks beautiful, even at this stage.

Ask about the moulding in case you want it changed later, but you might want to live with it first because I think it really balances out the big crown moulding in the room along with the moulding on top of the cabinets. Look at your first photo to see what I mean.

The colors are gorgeous. That island color is so pretty.

You are almost brave, hang in there.


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ooooohhhhhhhhh la la

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I agree! It's beautiful! I'm there with you on feeling so overwhelmed and having to remind myself that this is a blessing, not a curse! :)

I too would love to know the color of your island, as well as the dimensions if you know them...

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Ditto! What color is that?

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Wow, thank you all for the encouraging words. They have really help lift my spirits this morning! My husband agrees with you all about living with the bottom mouldings for a while... So I guess I shouldn't make and rush decisions about that just yet.

I knew I loved the island color, but didn't realize it would get this kind of reaction! ;-) It is a factory painted finish in Sherwin Williams "Rainwashed" (the kitchen walls are SW Sea Salt). The island dimensions are approximately 60" x 46". The perimeter cabinets are the manufacturer's standard "pure white" color, which is close to Ben Moore's White Dove (trim color throughout house). I saw no reason to pay and upcharge for custom color when their white was close enough. The only place it will be noticeable is at the kitchen sink. So I may get builder to match paint for trim to cabinets for that window only, since that is the only place the cabinets touch trim work. (or do it myself later for only cost of paint...)

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Ooooh, it's beautiful! I LOVE the colors! Rainwashed is a favorite color!

Looking forward to more pics!

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Those colors look so pretty with the marble. It is going to be a great look.

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It looks beautiful. I love the island color.

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It looks beautiful. I love the island color.

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I LOVE the bottom molding on the uppers. It balances with the crown. Uppers without that hearty molding on the bottom always look unfinished to me. Like a great outfit and no shoes. Plus it will hide lights much better than a skimpier molding. Beautiful kitchen.

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Thanks, shkish! It is really beautiful! My only hope is that I can someday post lovely pics like those of MY kitchen!


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I like the colours, molding, cabinets, legs on island, marble, & the schoolhouse lights. Beautiful kitchen!

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That is the prettiest color combo I've seen in a long time! And I do love the marble counters. What finish did you choose for appliances?

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I think what you were saying is you were disappointed in other things, but not really the counters... I think the marble is truly lovely and all the misc. that needs tweaking, will one day be over and you will enjoy how wonderful it will all be. It is hard to see the good stuff when the flaws are still right in your face. That will pass.

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Suzannesl - We have stainless appliances which are actually waiting in the dining room to be installed (see 2nd picture, all the boxes)

Marble guy out today to drill faucet holes, seal stone and do whatever else he has to do. Will post more pictures once appliances are installed!

thanks again everyone for the super nice words!

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Shkish!! I was waiting to see how that yummy Rainwashed was going to look on your cabs! I've only ever seen it on walls. That's truly lovely! It's a very soothing combination with the Carrara.

Do ask about the moulding. That would bother me too if I hadn't pictured it that way in my head. Sometimes it's those little things that you somehow hadn't "seen" in your head that can throw you off the worst.

The bathroom looks great too. Love the tile in there.

Hang in there. You're making great choices. :-)

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Hey! A couple of us were looking for this thread today and are wondering how your kitchen is going! : ) Have you posted any more pics? Looking forward to seeing it!


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And do you like it a bit more now?

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Thanks for the nudge Breezy and Fishies! It's long over due. See my link below...

drbeanie2000 - you better believe it! Yes, I love my kitchen (and the rest of the house) mostly because it's all mine and we are settled. All the little things I agonized and fretted over don't seem so worrisome now. Actually, all the little things I own and will go on the "in the next house" list. ha!

All in all, I am happy will all my choices and am thoroughly enjoying it all! What more could I ask for, eh?

Here is a link that might be useful: my full spec reveal post

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