Cabinet Coat over high gloss oil paint -steps?

karolokeAugust 14, 2010

I painted bathroom cabinets a couple years ago and used Cabinet Coat over high gloss oil paint, but now I don't remember the process - specifically if I need to prime or not. I know it says it is not necessary to prime with Cabinet Coat, but I read other threads where people said they still did. I am going to repaint some windowsills that my dog scratched up. I'd rather not prime if it isn't necessary, but if it would be better to,

- should I use an oil based primer or water based (have some Kilz of both kinds on hand)?

- Also, is it ok to use the 2 year old remaining Cabinet Coat I already have?

- What grit sand paper should I use to scuff it up?

- And lastly, can I just do one coat?

Thanks for your expertise and help!

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In a "high durability needed" area like that...I can't imagine NOT priming....

* Scuff-sand thouroughly with ~ 100-grit paper. 120 is TOO fine to be of much use here.
* Sand until the scratches are minimized to your satisfaction. Get every molecule of dust wiped off.

Here's a statement that may surprise a few out there!!!
>>> In THIS case...I'd apply THREE coats of the Oil primer, about 2 hrs. apart.
>>> Reason?:
* You'll be building a lightly sandable layer as a last "polishing-off/filling" opportunity b4 the CC.
* If you can, wait until next day for primer-coats to harden-off. The wait makes this last "fine-tuning" sanding go easier. You're gonna lightly sand this primer-sandwich.
* Think of sheetrockers doing their last sanding b4 painting.'ve built the ideal base for your CC to show its absolute best.
Stir the CC thouroughly, scraping the bottom and sides as ya go, using slow/lifting motions.
Preferably, have it machine-shaken. You may have to strain it through nylons, or a disposable paint-strainer.
If it doesn't smell "sour", you're golden!


PS...DEFINITELY...TWO coats of CC!

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Thanks, faron. I'll give it a try. One more question, though. I eventually want to repaint all the oil trim in the house, including crown moulding, picture frame moulding, doors, stairway, cabinets etc. (a BIG job) Do I need to sand and prime (1 or more coats) all that trim before painting Cabinet Coat or some other paint or is there an easier way that would still hold up well?

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