Drink Water Before Bed

chisueMarch 27, 2013

Today I received an email/forward in my spam that contained something useful. (I know, amazing!)

It was a Mayo Clinic bit about WHEN to drink all that water we are supposed to drink daily. It suggests two glasses on rising to rehydrate after sleep; a glass 30 minutes before meals to aid digestion; a glass an hour before bed -- to help avoid leg cramps!

It also said to keep a bottle of aspirin beside the bed, along with a glass of water. Should you wake with a heart attack (arm or chin pain, sweating, etc.), chew two aspirin and take a sip of water. Call 911 and tell them "Heart Attack. I've taken two aspirin." SIT UP (Do not lie down.) near an unlocked door to wait for help.

Those ideas are simple enough for even me to remember. (Although I am allergic to aspirin.)

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I call it natures alarm clock. If I drink a glass of water before bed, I am up before 7 am!


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Hi chisue,

Did you check it with the Mayo Clinic, to find out whether it's legit?

o j ... getting to be a suspicious old fart (especially when it comes to internet prescriptions)

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O.J. -- How nice you are not to out-and-out call it a fraudulent message! I did Google it. Mayo denies the post is theirs, although they seemed to be primarily denying the idea of taking aspirin daily "as a prevention".

Now I wonder about the water before bed aiding with leg cramps. DH has had 'restless leg' on and off. I'd hoped this might help with that.

I've always thought aspirin is better than Tylenol because it acts on an inflammation, whereas Tylenol calms the pain impulses in your brain. (Gosh, I *think* I know that!)

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night time cramps can be caused by dehydration. Thus, the drink before bed could be helping...

Moni, not a medical doctor, or nurse... just a self proclaimed Know It All. :)

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Here's the Snopes tale.

Here is a link that might be useful: Snopes on the story

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If you look at Google and just read the abbreviated form and not going to the site many of them say to drink a lot of water during the day and some before bed and several say to drink tonic water (which has quinine in it) before bed, which I have done.

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Back to what I've said for over a decade. If it comes in a spam, it's probably not true.

And no, Bill Gates will NOT pay you to forward spam.

No, the Nigerian General is NOT going to split his millions with you.

Nobody has awakened in a bathtub full of ice sans-kidneys.

Nobody got charged $250 for a cookie recipe at Neiman-Marcus, Mrs. Fields or anywhere else.

Spam is spam. Block people who send it to you. Just because they shout "THIS IS NOT A HOAX!!!!" that's the first clue it is. Putting in a credible name to lend support shouldn't lessen the requirement to at least check it out. And even if it comes from god@god.god, be wary of spam. You won't miss much by not reading any forwarded email.

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If I drink anything before bed, I have to get up to wee-wee and I lose my place in the bed. My dog and cat jump in!

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Jannie ... your trip is the lesser of "restless leg" trouble in bed (or just after), I guess, huh?

I tend to have some coffee or milk not long before going to bed, but am fortunate to (usually) not need to make a middle-of-the-night pilgrimage to the bathroom, But often have 5 hours or less in bed - getting rather short of beauty sleep, I fear.

ole joyful

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I never drink anything after dinner which we eat around 5PM and I still have to get up at least every two hours all night long to run to the bathroom. I cannot imagine what it would be like if I took more water before bedtime!

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My MD always inquires how often I urinate at night. (Once per 8 hours seems to meet with his OK.) Joann -- Is every two hours OK with your doc? Seems excessive -- and tiring. Is there some medication you could take?

sushipup -- Thanks for the clip with the *right* info on water and aspirin. So...I was correct that aspirin treats inflammation at the site. I guess I'm also right that Tylenol works only with the pain receptors in the brain -- no 'on site' help?

DH and I are narrowing down his 'restless leg' problem. He had no incidents while we were on Maui for two months even though he was reducing use of one of his meds. (Had no trouble until he was trying the 'every THIRD night' on the medication.) But since we've been home, he's had more trouble. We now believe the cold weather is partly at fault. Last night he had some mild sensations, but they stopped after we closed the bedroom window. (We've had no 'Spring' here, and night temps are about 22F.) This makes sense to me. I will 'tense up' if I'm cold in bed.

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When I had bladder cancer surgery, my doc said I was drinking TOO much water and had flooded my kidneys. Kinda like you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't. Somewhere there's a happy median. PA said 64 ozs. Cause I have been dehydrated before, but had never heard of drinking too much.

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Chisue, I'm sure someone has mentioned putting a bar of soap under the sheet as a deterrent to restless legs. I've read about this over and over and even though it seems like another old wive's tale, people say it does work. I wonder what the chemistry is?

Personally, I find getting up once during the night helps with morning stiffness. If I lay in bed all night without getting up and moving around a bit it's that much harder to move in the morning.

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I know when I had my heart attack, the first things the paramedics did was shove 4 baby aspirin in my mouth. The cardiologist told my family 30 mins more and I would't have made it. So, who knows, maybe those aspirin did work??

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maxmom -- He did try the bar of soap -- no help. Right now I'm wondering if a lump of *anything* at the foot of someone's bed wouldn't keep them moving around to avoid it -- could prevent the cramping sensations?

vannie -- I doubt I will ever drink 'too much' water. Now and then I get a twinge in the area of my kidneys (familiar after having stones) and am reminded to go get a glass of water, right now! How interesting that you could 'flood' your kidneys. What a lot of interesting and useful things we learn on the KT!

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Yes, drinking too much water can be fatal. A runner in a local marathon died of water intoxication a few years ago, and so did a woman who participated in a radio station contest.

Here is a link that might be useful: water intoxication

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Chisue..my doc did give me samples once of one of those meds for irritable bladder..like the TV ads for Toviaz. The pills never seemed to work and on top of that they gave me digestive problems. I never did go back and ask for a different bladder med although I guess I could have tried another one. I just got used to it.

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Could someone please explain "flooding your kidneys" and how that leads to bladder cancer?


When it come to medical stuff, I am clueless.

I drink 3-4 16-ounce bottles of water every day, in a desperate bid to assuage my yearning for sugary soda pop.

Now I'm wondering if that's not such a good idea?


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