donk4kyvAugust 24, 2010

Temperatures are finally cooling down enough that I can resume my never-ending exterior house painting chore.

I started work this morning, repairing some rotted wood before the primer is to be applied. But after about an hour, I was chased away by red wasps that have apparently built nests in cavities inside the wall. They began dive-bombing me and chased me off the ladder several times before I gave up. The only thing that saved me from multiple stings was my loose-fitting long sleeve T-shirt and my frizzy hair. I can handle visible nests but I don't even know where this nest is, and there are probably multiple nests.

The last thing I need is to fall off a ladder trying to escape a swarm of flying rattlesnakes. That happened to me years ago and resulted in a racked-up knee that had me laid up weeks. This part of the house was built in about 1915, so there are plenty of cracks for wasps to enter and exit.

I wonder how professional painters deal with this problem, which must be a common, since probably every old house in this part of the country (middle TN) is similarly infested. I asked a couple of local guys, but all they have ever worked on were modern, air-tight houses with vinyl siding, so the only painting they do is exterior trim and interior, and they said they have never had any problem with wasps.

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Ace hardware carries a wasp spray that shoots about twenty feet. That would rid the wasps you see but not the ones in the nest. Exterminators have a solution that they use to inject into the area of the nests. You might consider just getting an exterminator to professionally rid them, then get on closing up the areas where they are nesting.

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