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twoyurNovember 4, 2012

The local food banks put together holiday baskets each year. I have been asked to supply them with as many cans of vegetables as I am able . They are planning for 175 baskets. Here is my issue. A local store has a name brand on sale for a price that I could do 175 cans for a reasonable price and they will lift the limit per customer since they will send them to the assembly location. The manger say she can do much better with their brand and I can get more cans that way. I don't buy canned vegetables and have no idea if there is a difference between name brands vs store etc. Can anyone give me advise Is there any significant difference?

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I think there might be a slight difference in canned brands. It depends on the store. We have a local chain here and people swear by the product they have put the store name on.

I will say in my years of experience delivering holiday food baskets and meals on wheels twice monthly, I will tell you one thing. The people that are on the receiving end are nothing but grateful for whatever you bring.

Good luck in whatever you decide!


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Buy the supermarket brand! More veggies for your buck.

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The difference I've found is that with the "generic" brands there is sometimes less vegetable and more water, but it depends on the brand.

If you are unfamiliar with the brands, I'd buy whatever is the most economical, as I am not brand loyal at all.

Kudos to you for taking on this role and helping others have a happy holiday.


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Good for you! The only thing you might want to check out is the sodium level which can be really high in some items. I usually only by canned beans and tomatoes - and often the store brand come in better sizes for my one person home.

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Thank you all for advise. I'll talk to the store manager and see what she can do if I purchase their brand. No one told me I could not buy more than 175.

As for doing it. I look at it this way. I can afford it, I am totally capable of going out on a Saturday afternoon and coming home with 100 -150 dollars less when I went out and not have a clue what I really did with it. This way I at least know where it went.

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From what I've learned over the years, in many cases, the store brands are packed by the same companies that pack the brand name products, but they use produce that's not quite up to the standards of the brand name products for the store brands.

In other cases, the large grocery chains contract with their own company, and the quality of their store brand is at least as good as any brand name product.

Not sure how you'd find out, though. But either way, you can trust the store brand. It's still a good quality product, well worth using.

Good luck, that's a lot of canned goods!!

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Go with the store brand. Consumer Reports has done many stories on the difference between generics and brand names and found little or no difference. I'm planning to shop at Costco for our food bank. The only problem is finding canned goods that don't come in humongous sizes!


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According to the store manager. Right now she cannot beat the price of the national brand per case on the 6 varieties on sale.. It was a special purchase. I am not sure if .55/can for the national ho ho ho brand is good but She's telling me best she can do for her store brand right now is .59 Neighbor asked me if tried the local Aldi's. I have not but guess it would not hurt

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twoyur, it depends on the size of the can, but a standard sized can of the "ho-ho-ho" stuff here is over a dollar each, so that's a good price.


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I pretty much only buy canned tomatoes, and I can tell you that there is a vast difference between one brand and another, and there is often a vast difference in price. If the vegetable you are considering does not vary greatly in price from one brand to another, then there is possibly not that much difference in taste. However, even cheap tomatoes will taste pretty good if they are gifts. I would advise against buying canned asparagus of any brand, as I have never had any that I thought was good.


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The cans are 14.5 to 15.25 oz

Lars No asparagus .

It seems that this is the good price. I thank you all for all your imput

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I do find a difference (to the better - less "bits and pieces") on Green Giant products, however their price is often not worth it to me. Aldi prices on canned goods are not always a great price but certainly worth checking out.

I'd say go with the cheaper item per ounce If one can is 15 oz and another is 16.5 oz, do the math. I don't buy that there's more water in one since the weight on the canned veggies shouldn't include the water anyway, unlike a water-added ham or turkey!

And a standing ovation to you for your generosity. Made my day.

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15 cases of ho ho ho brand delivered. 30 cans of each type.

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Hooray for you. And the "ho-ho-ho" big Green guy!


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