Paint color for kitchen cabinets

kjmAugust 19, 2010

HELP! I am trying to choose an "off white" for my kitchen cabinets. The BM linen white seems too yellow-but looks good in photos I've seen, also looking at BM cloud white, BM ivory, SW Whitetail, SW steamed milk. Don't want it to be too stark white-want a more period look.

Any ideas/photos?

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I did Frappe on my cabinets, but that sounds like it is too off white for you.

Another possible candidate... I recently did Timid White in a bedroom and it was plenty white but not stark at all. When I first put it up on the trim next to walls that had just been primed, I was amazed at the creaminess that I saw. But it is totally a real white now that that primer white is gone. It is probably the whitest white i have in my house. I have used bone white a lot in other rooms, which is very creamy and when I picked the TImid White I was ready to get away from the creamy whites, but a little Timid. The name suited me! And I like it a lot for a white. I think I can find a picture, but on a computer, it will be hard to tell I'm sure.

Then because I had a lot of Timid White leftover, I wanted to use it elsewhere near the Frappe kitchen. But the two would not be good abutting. So I picked Sparkling Wine as a transition white between the two. Perfect! The lady at the BM paint store guided me to Sparkling Wine. No undertones, a very clean off white.

And after all is said and done, I wish my Frappe kitchen cabs were a little lighter than they are. Not enough to do it over, but I should have gone a bit lighter. I think Sparkling Wine will now be my go-to off white in the future.

Good luck!

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Here's Timid White:

Here's Sparkling Wine

And here's Frappe cabinets:

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Check out SW Alabaster.

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Remember that the color changes with the surroundings. If it's near blues and greens it will look "peachier" than if it's near taupes and browns.

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